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Like a Bawss t-shirts in ma mail!

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Got my two t-shirts in the mail today...about 10 minutes ago actually. Thank god I was still at home when the mail-man came. A huge thank-you to the devs!
I've been too busy with uni exams this month, brrr. But that don't stop me from pvp-ing. *shifty-eyes*
I'll be more active on the forums after that haha. Who knows, I might do more art and open up my dusty signature cafe. K, I should stop procrastinating.

oh here's a picture of my pl goodies. The package came with an extra pin, goes well with ma tank t-shirt. chyeh.

And whats this man, I've become too out-dated on the forums.

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  1. Cascade's Avatar
    Didnt the contest end like 2 months ago? Why did it take so long :0
  2. Zaltiar's Avatar
    haha yep it did. I dont mind. tbh I had totally forgotten about it lol. but meh, i'm happy i got em.
    I'm sending one to my friend in hk haha :P
  3. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Nice bro! So it is possible to have shirts shipped to Sydney.. Let's have a night out wearing PL shirts! LOL! Good luck with exams
  4. Zaltiar's Avatar
    haha yeah, i got the black "Tank" Tshirt a couple of months ago actually :P
  5. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    I ordered iPod case 1-2 week ago, it hasn't came, but this is awesome
  6. Zaltiar's Avatar
    Just gotta be patient . If you're not in states it could take a few weeks or so