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Guide to Earning Gold Daily

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Hey guys, here's my first guide! I'm gonna outline some things you can do each day to earn gold every day!

By following this guide, you can amass a certain amount of gold each day [calculations coming soon]. So be sure to follow the steps below carefully!

NOTE: Do remember, this is not just for those new to this game; older players can do this as well!

1. First of all, try to settle into a good routine. Don't switch times around since it will become harder to keep in touch with your quests.

2. Do the daily bard quests.
One of the most important things you can do daily: the bard quests. First
Visit the Windmoore Tavern and accept the bard's quest
Complete the quest and turn it in. Then talk to him again for another quest.
Visit the Kraag Tavern and accept the bard's quest. Complete it and turn it in.
Visit the Traveler's Outpost and talk to the bard opposite the Consignment Store. Complete and turn quest in.

When you're done with these steps, you'll have four story tokens and a little bit of gold. The most all this would've taken you would be 5 minutes.

Now here's why its important: When you reach 200 story tokens, you can buy Colton, a good pet that sells for a good amount of gold. This will take you around 50 days of doing all the bard quests every day. In case you're going for the Beastmaster title (collected all 36 original pets) the other pets got with the story tokens will do you good too.

3. Do some other daily quests.
When you're done with your bards, you can take on some daily quests which are not too hard to complete, won't take you much time, and will give you quite good amounts of gold on completion. Some of those I do are
The Black Hearts Quest in Kraag
In the Dragon's Jewel1: Monkey Ball and Visit Aegir Island
Kraken Mines: A Miner Problem.

Complete all these and you'll have a good amount of gold.

5. Run an Elite.
As part of your daily routine, you should make sure you run (and complete ) at least one elite run. I'd recommend you try Elite Seas or Jarl (if you get a party) since the Nordr ones will take too long if you don't have much time.
However. If you do run the Elite Nordr maps, below is the drop locations in Nordr:

Credits to Samhayne for his Sticky!

Jurn Wood's Boss: Noble Helmet
Mount Spyr's Boss: Sorcerer Weapon - Nordr Jewel Staff
Oltgar Keep's Boss: Warrior Weapon - Entomed Hammer
Crystal Caverns' Boss: Rogue Weapon - Mountain's Teeth Daggers
Hall of Valheim's Boss: Noble Armor

Happy farming!

Additional Tips:
Switch pets out instead of feeding. When you have a good amount of them (a lot of them can be bought cheaply from the CS or obtained through questlines) you can dismiss one and summon another and use it until its sad, then replace with another.
Don't run Hauntlet. It's the sad truth, but its gonna take you way too long to complete the Hauntlet without the best party. Which is why you see Shiloh's price in the CS rocketing.
Make sure to keep in touch with your gear. When you amass enough of gold, you can buy up cheap armor that will work for you until you reach the cap; then you can gold farm and get a LOT of gold and maybe, just maybe, be able to get the mythic helm!
The Warrior's Maul of Ollerus (Arcane Hammer) can be found in Locked Grand Crates and Elite Golden War Chests. If you're feeling lucky, open em up! The Maul sells for an amazing amount of gold and can rarely be found in the CS.
Know the CS. Find out which items are in greatest demand or are at the highest/climbing prices. Farm for those.

I hope this guide was good enough and I hope you'll get enough gold each day!

1The Dragon's Jewel can be found by walking south of Paradise Pier across the bridge-like Pier. Once you enter it, the location will be available on your map.

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