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Back from a Break!

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Wow sorry I took a break from blogging simply because I had not much to blog about. For those who read Status Update #5, I did get the hate set that I wanted but sold it 2 days later. It's not as good as I thought it would be for PvP. Sure, I could beat quite a few sewer bears, but those glyph nubs don't take me seriously! xD

Oh well, I didn't level my 23 bear to 51, I used some random behr alt that was already 51. Meh. Well so far I started leveling a fox last weekend, and unfortunately I have no platinum, so I got it to 30 just yesterday with some help but without any lixirs but the dailies. Most of the time I played with one RL friend who's new to PL, and KIWIHAWK! (Who was leveling a rhino named PaladinKiwi) Kiwi, if you're reading this I'd like to say that it was really fun leveling with you! Name is Foxosaurus if ya wanna join me in my journey to 56... (Gonna also try L.56 fox PvP) It's fun playing a fox; the abilities are far more interesting than other classes by far. I failed my own Iron Man Challenge that I decided to make up. (15 deaths >.<)

Oooh.. Drama!
Well recently Shadowstar told me on his main, Caiahar, that Apollo told him that he was so annoying and that if he bothered Apollo ever again, Apollo would tell the devs to perma ban him! O.o I dunno if Shadow was kidding or not.

Well that's it for now y'all. Stay tuned for moar. I'll be posting pics of my fox progressing in the levels! (I'm progressing rather fast!)

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  1. Spyce's Avatar
    Quit GW2 now.
  2. OverkillED's Avatar
  3. Promagin's Avatar
    good to have you back.
  4. Dota's Avatar
    Hi,Could someone please create the arcane legends or Pocket Legends Data file" to zip and sent me download link please?thx alot
    I'll give away green dragon helm.