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Welcome to Vengeance!
If you’re a current member of our home, welcome to our Guild Forum page. If you are not a member, thank you for stopping by to say hello; pull up a chair, a cold brew, and get cozy.

Our Chronicle
Vengeance began as a high-end guild within the realm of Star Legends. After flying through Spacetime Studios world of Star Legends for some time, decimating and laying waste to our enemies around us, we landed in the new realm of Arlor. The newly created pocket MMO quickly became a new playground for Vengeance. We quickly laid roots and started blossoming into the guild we have become today. To this day, our guild is over two years old and still going strong, showing the strength of our guilds foundation.

Beliefs and Convictions
Our beliefs are many, but of utmost importance to us are the personal relationships, trust, and respect we show to not only our fellow guild members but to the entire realm of Arlor. We strive to both conquer our foes on the battlefield while also showing respect (Sans Jarl, Bloodhammer, and Grimr whom we have made it our common goal to strike down at every turn). Members of Vengeance endeavor to excel at Player vs Player competition as well as Player vs NPC/Enemy competition and farming. All members are encouraged to help their fellow guild members and reach out when assistance is needed.

Our personal home
As most people within the guild call Arcane Legends home and find calm and comfort in being able to log on and instantly have friends within the palm of our hands, we of course have homes outside the legends games. We are proud to call ourselves a world guild and represent several continents and countries throughout the world (We have yet to get a member from Antartica but we’ll get there someday.. maybe) Whether you log on at 4am or 6pm in your own timezone you are bound to find plenty of members online to converse and play with, talk, and maybe even get some advice on how to say “hey sexy lady” in Russian, Finnish, or Thai. Below is just a brief cross section of the countries we represent. I’m sure this is not an exhaustive list but it does give an idea of the common bonds through gaming we share.

United Kingdom
Norway (aka north pole)
New Zealand
United States

Partners in Crime
As outlined above, we all have a common spirit and set of guidelines within our ranks. Also mentioned above it’s clear we’re online almost 24 hours a day. What does this mean? Well, it means that although some of us (me especially) would like to play 24 hours a day and help one another out this isn’t logistically possible. It also means that if we only had 7 officers it isn’t really possible for several of them to be on 24 hours a day. We run our guild as a democracy, a republic of vengeance, this means we do not bow down to a master. What I’m inferring is that we rely on fellow officers and without several on at once the equality and democracy would not be achievable. While we do have many officers, what one has to understand is that being a global guild this is required. We are proud of every one of our officers, recruiters, and members. Somewhat differently than most guilds, we do not have a single leader but a core of several officers with whom we rotate the guild master title. The person who currently holds the master title is a fellow soldier in arms, no current or future master will ever run our guild where members, recruiters, and officers and beholden to his or her word - equality above all. Below is our most up to date roster.

Current Guild Master
  • Darkko

Current Officer List
  • Asahatek
  • Assaf
  • Boss
  • Cero
  • Diulliana
  • Godfist
  • Greyhowl
  • Hustlin
  • Hyun
  • Iciblon
  • Iflybynight
  • Jexetta
  • Jimmychong
  • Jsparrow
  • Kharmel
  • Kizlode
  • Knux
  • Ladylunaix
  • Lingerie
  • Melissamls
  • Molni
  • Mstj
  • Mzchrissy
  • Osadw
  • Overbreak
  • Overheard
  • Peper
  • Punhao
  • Ramyunstyle
  • Ramyunking
  • Rasi
  • Rutherford
  • Ryuzawa
  • Snackie
  • Tumadreee
  • Uicheusa
  • Xclysterx
  • Xxsaraixx
  • Xmax
  • Zmax

Current Recruiter List
  • Acidious
  • Akiharu
  • Alboscarface
  • Anggaz
  • Atreyuz
  • Balliant
  • Barzagli
  • Breezelike
  • Brigadetutul
  • Claj
  • Dirtybear
  • Edielon
  • Endion
  • Enthroned
  • Erza
  • Etherealz
  • Evilchef
  • Exlipse
  • Exo
  • Gbest
  • Haazidah
  • Iaceden
  • Iafrazzz
  • Iamamen
  • Instanthumor
  • Isotic
  • Jaejoongtop
  • Javelon
  • Kissy
  • Kliim
  • Luzzac
  • Maginim
  • Melismurf
  • Mstjjj
  • Nicotine
  • Ogianep
  • Osad
  • Osawabez
  • Ozrror
  • Petchzeedzaa
  • Pyromagnium
  • Redforever
  • Reirei
  • Sabazeus
  • Samuraignome
  • Scaosadez
  • Scotchtape
  • Shakar
  • Skanless
  • Skypucca
  • Spacemandan
  • Sunlight
  • Thieves
  • Uglycasanova
  • Unlord
  • Urahika
  • Vanade
  • Vanide
  • Voii
  • Voluptuouskay
  • Warriorindo
  • Xaruka
  • Xxarkanexx

The laws of the land
Like any group of players, we have several rules we ask our guild members to abide by. We do ask that all members abide by these rules, breaking them once is fine, you will receive a warning – but if you become a guild problem child we will have to ask you to sit in the guild hall corner and think about what you’ve done. Further infractions will lead to an officer vote and judgment which could result in your guild membership termination. As a friendly guild with many of the high end guilds in AL this should be taken seriously, as a termination of membership may result in a blacklisting – this is something no one wants to happen.

Guild Chat
  1. We request that you do not sell items in Guild Chat.
  2. There are a few exceptions to this rule : The selling of Arcane, Mythic, and high quality Legendary items is allowed. Everyone would prefer high quality items staying in guild hands. Please note however that this is not a selling market or auction house and you are not to spam guild chat.
  3. If you do sell an item in guild chat, please take care of any details with the buyer through private messaging. There is no scamming or gouging of fellow members, if a member feels you have scammed them or gouged them for more than market price please see the last sentence above concerning guild termination.
  4. Please do not beg in guild chat. It is okay to ask for assistance when you’re having problems, we will always attempt to help you if we can. It is, however, never okay to beg for money from fellow members in private messages or through guild chat. If a guild member is repeatedly begging you through private messages please contact an officer.

Scam artists
Guild members found guilty of scamming any fellow members or any non-guild members will be terminated. Any member who has been found guilty in addition will result in me writing a formal email complaint to Spacetime. We take care of our own, and we will make every attempt to right the wrongs any individual has done against you.

  1. This is a simple rule; respect all fellow guild members. Any issues you have with a fellow member please contact an officer and or take care of it through private messaging. We do not tolerate disrespect or childish behavior – if an issue cannot be taken care of through private means it will result in a vote on termination.
  2. In addition to respecting your fellow guild members, we ask that you respect everyone throughout the game. Remember, we lead by example – we are strong because we respect one another and respect all other guilds and players.

Spacetime Studios Terms of Service
Also a simple rule – Obey them

Player vs Player
  1. Please be proud and wear your guild tag in Player vs Player competition. This is not a steadfast rule and is never, and will never be grounds for any sort of discipline. There are two reason we ask you to do this :
  2. The first reason we request this is so people can see our prowess in the arena, we strive to be the best of the best in player vs player competition. We do practice and consistently help new members in learning the ropes of the arena. Wearing our banner is appreciation to all our fellow guild members.
  3. The second reason is because we are all over the PvP arena! At any one time there may be 20 members or more pvping – no one likes to be killed by a fellow guild member and wearing your tag lets other members know who you are.
  4. If you want to engage in PvP against a fellow guild member, please make sure there is an agreement to guild vs guild another member, and no matter what the agreement – you never spawn kill a fellow guild member.
  5. While in the PvP arena please respect the other team, we do not approve of spawn killing and or rushing. If the other team uses the same tactics against you, then by all means call in the artillery and show the other team why spawn killing is not fun.

We do not recruit members publicly. Please contact an officer or recruiter if you wish to become a member. As always, it is helpful to be friends with or have someone who will sponsor your membership and vouch for your integrity – we always look for wonderful, quality players who will help make our family a better place for everyone. That being said, we are holding the minimum joining level at Season 3's expansion to Level 25.

Final Word
Fun! Remember to have it and not take things too seriously! While the above may seem like we are a group of grumpy old men and women cruising around in wheelchairs and poking at our ipads who take things way to seriously we are anything but. The only old person in a wheelchair is Darkko, and we make sure to harass him on a regular basis.

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