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Pride Month 2013

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On behalf of the Alterran Royal Guard, Blackstar Cyber Guard, Carvina Vampyric Guard and Arlor Mystic Guard we wish you a happy pride month. We are proud to celebrate another year being LGBT and Ally friendly. This family is awesome!

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  1. Kiwihawk's Avatar
    Happy Pride 2013 :-)
  2. Bilaxman's Avatar
    Nice picture!
  3. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Happy Pride Jojo

    Have fun with Chris. Tell him I said hi and thanks for his service ^_^
  4. Siejo's Avatar
    Will do. He is so excited to be coming home from being stationed in Korea. He counts down everyday :P
  5. javier995's Avatar
    Happy Pride Month
  6. saool's Avatar
    lovely family we've got! Pride 2013!