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goodbye sts

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Bye all. Had fun in the game and the community. You wont seeing me here and in game ever again. Thanks to all of you. To all my friends here and in game thank you so much. You know yourselves.

My reason? I cant tell you. Sorry.

Again, Farewell. Goodluck to all of you. Keep playing. Godspeed.

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Updated 06-12-2013 at 03:47 PM by Justg

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  1. Lalarie's Avatar
    Noooooooo WHY!?!?
  2. mysticmagicc's Avatar
  3. Zeus's Avatar
    Dude.... why! You were such a great individual. :/

    PM me?
  4. The Happiness's Avatar
    Wow! Short and sweet adventure into PL. I was waiting for you to level up. Everything ok? Like Apollo said, you can pm if you wish. Good luck to you. It was fun
  5. Spyce's Avatar
    Why are you doing this to me?
  6. Promagin's Avatar
    oh no
  7. Spymans's Avatar
    bye, whatever you are doing i wish you good luck
  8. Electroboss's Avatar
    What about ur stuff?
  9. Lipky's Avatar
    Give it to me! It will be helpful :-)
  10. sciazipeo's Avatar
    If you are leaving then please give me ur account to me I'm poor . Lol xd:-)
  11. Tama Kino's Avatar
    This is sad to hear, only wish I could understand why you would leave such a good FREE game with such a caring community.
  12. plpro's Avatar
    Dude WHAT THE FCK? !! ;(
  13. Lady_Pebbles's Avatar
    What the duece?! Ugh more ppl leaving!!!

  14. harkimg's Avatar
    bueno ya aregle todos mis pj xD
    Agreguenme soy;
  15. Swaggasaures's Avatar
    I'm not 100% sure who you are or why everyone is freaking out but I can say this. Every player makes a contribution to the community and loosing a (seemingly) good player is a shame. You will be missed sir, maybe we shall cross paths in the days to come. Have a good life. (:
  16. geray776's Avatar
    *sniffle* I DNT even know u buh DNT leave:'(
  17. Silentdankz2013's Avatar
    all the veterans are leaving man don't leave crow!!