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Progress Update #5

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You know what?! The Progress Updates are back!!

It feels nice to be back in PL, even if there isn't anything new to it. I have found the ambition to play again, and here comes the first Progress Update after my break, and number five in order.

This is what have happened the last weeks:
  • Collected about 700 Platinum during PL's double free platinum offers
  • Bought Vanity Pet "Bats"
  • Bought Auto-Crossbow of Finesse
  • Megatwink recreated <Support> and I'm now a part of the guild again
  • Reached a new milestone, 2100 Arena kills, with a KD of 2103-364 as we speak (KDR = 5,77)

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My new Auto-Crossbow of Finesse, Bats and KD

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Updated 07-23-2013 at 03:15 PM by Caztori

Progress Update


  1. geray776's Avatar
    how Manu toons do u hav
  2. Caztori's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by geray776
    how Manu toons do u hav
    I don't know exactly, but I almost only play on Cazteri. But I have another 15 enchanterss twink, two level 5 twinks, one level 10 twink (From when PVP first came to PL), a bank/merch character, a "main" (Just level 70 tho) and some other random alts.