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What good do sharks do?

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I watched a couple of movies with my sister last night, one surfing movie involving a shark, another shark movie, and finally another holiday movie. All three seemed to have been ruined by a shark - the shark biting the surfer, the shark attacking a swamp, and a shark attacking a tourist.

This got me thinking, what good do sharks actually do in the world? What do you think?

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  1. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Sharks are a very important member of the food chain. They prevent overpopulation of small fish which eat plankton, overpopulation of these plankton-eating fish can lead to a lack of food for plankton-eating whales and yada yada yada, blah blah blah, eggsandbacon eggsandbacon, amd them the world blew up.

    Understand now?
  2. Reddwing's Avatar
    without sharks lesser fishies would overpopulate, likely grow lungs, and take over our Earth. ;-( (and what lowlspy said)
  3. lilgangster's Avatar
  4. Irulelol's Avatar
    they eat all the little baby fishies with hopes and dreams.... jk lol
  5. WhoIsThis's Avatar
    Sharks are very inaccurately portrayed in movies. I believe the writer of the book Jaws actually took the time later in life to raise awareness of shark and ocean issues.
  6. Reddwing's Avatar
    Oh Jaws. I remember it like it was yesterday i read the book...didnt want to watch the movie xD
  7. Piosidon's Avatar
    Sharks are good for eatin' Shark Fin Soup, yum. jk Sharks can help us learn about ocean life
  8. Reddwing's Avatar
    Mostly anything in the ocean teaches us about ocean life
  9. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Quite true, but don't those smaller fishes also get eaten by slightly bigger fish too? Species not exactly that dangerous to man?

    I'm anti-sharks fin because of the awareness campaign active now, but I'm also pro-surfing, pro-beaches, pro-life. Lol.

    Agree Elf, movies are movies. Hearing reports on shark attacks quite often back in Aussie makes me a bit doubtful against sharks though.
  10. Cascade's Avatar
    And even deeper question: What good are we?
  11. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cascade
    And even deeper question: What good are we?
    To play games, of course
  12. Reddwing's Avatar
    We're no good! We just came and started destroying earth piece by piece!
  13. Piosidon's Avatar
    It's was gonna happen anyway redd, I mean with all the dinosaurs stomping around
  14. Reddwing's Avatar
    Lol but dinos didnt create air pollution,water pollution,deforestation etc.
  15. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Yea. Cows caused air pollution, fish pooping caused water pollution, and deforestation is caused by termites. Curse you animal kingdom! >8l
  16. Reddwing's Avatar
    but not the dinosaurs!!! you
  17. Reddwing's Avatar
    cant prove anything mwahahaha
  18. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    I have a report to do on this, forgot to do the stupid survey, I'll post server here if ya like?
  19. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    survey not server
  20. Piosidon's Avatar
    deforestation is also caused by dinosaurs
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