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Reshared: Illustrative Guide About Luck by Defamed

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To those who are curious how luck works. Read on.

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First of all, stop making posts saying 'Luck amulet broken' or 'Reroll doesnt work' or 'Crates give bad drops' and 'No mythics after 100+ crates'. It all depends on luck. STS or devs don't force you to open crates, they are an optional part of the game. You spend on them and open them coz you like it and you choose to. So enough venting out the same feeling on here over n over, its not STS or devs' fault that you don't get mythics. Its designed to be that way!!!

I got tired of reading all those threads on 'Reroll not working' and 'Crates give crap' so decided to make a thread explaining how it works. Here I have used the simplest form, a Pie Chart! Now, Look at it as a Wheel of Luck, which will rotate every time a 'Loot Drop' event occurs. This wheel will decide what you get!

Disclaimer: The percentage or values/proportions of loot drops shown in the diagrams or used in the topic may or may not be accurate. Its just an example of how things work. Instead of wheel, devs may be using a randomizer, or anything! This is the simplest way to explain.

Now, What is a reroll?? A reroll simply means, you get better loot instead of what you were going to get. Say a mob was gonna drop you a 'common' rarity item. If you successfully reroll, you may get 'rare' rarity item. If you were gonna get an 'epic' rarity item, you may reroll for a 'legendary' item. Get the point? It might even give you a better item according to the system from the same class. You might reroll for another epic or legendary too, just a better one according to the system.

Scenario 1: Running on Elixir/Amulet/Stacked

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This wheel rotates whenever you are running on a 25% luck elixir and a loot drop event occurs. Where the arrow ends, decides whether you get a reroll or not. Now when you combine it with Leprechaun Pendant, your chances of rerolling are increased to 40% and when you stack with combo, they increase even more. If you are running on just a Leprechaun Pendant, its just a 15% chance, so it may or may not work very often. Has worked for me fine during bosses as well as mobs, so its definitely not broken.

Scenario 2: When the reroll happens!!

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Now, you have gotten lucky and rerolled for better loot! What now? What you gonna get? This wheel decides what you get. For example you have rerolled for a legendary item, you may get a piece of equipment, an egg or a locked crate.

Scenario 3: When you crack open those chests n crates!!

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Here I have added the 'common' category for the common gold drops from crates. Elite or normal chests don't drop common items.
This is the wheel that decides what you drop from crates/chests. For example, every time you open a locked crate or a chest, this wheel rotates thrice, deciding your 3 loot drops.

So, to score a Glacian's Egg from a locked crate, it has to go this way: One of the 3 rotations of the wheel has to be on 'Arcane' rarity. Then its sub-wheel which consists of arcane rarity items list will rotate, that has to end on 'Glacian's Egg'.

Note: Using a luck elixir or amulet while opening a crate/chest DOES NOT change what you get. Luck elixir has nothing to do with what you get from chests or crates. You won't see a message saying 'your elixir let you reroll for better loot' when you open these chests n crates.

So basically, it all comes down to luck! People have scored Mauls from Elite Golden Warchests! Now that's really lucky.

Okay, I am done now. Hope this helps you understand how luck works on AL.

Note to Devs: If any Dev would like to shed some more light on this, would be appreciated

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