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Progress Update #6

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Time for progress update number six!

It havn't happend anything to Pocket Legends since the last (few) Progress Update, but I will sum what I've been up to these weeks!

This is what I have done:
  • Bought Auto-Crossbow of Excitability
  • Megatwink gave me Hunter's Fancy Fangs (Level 10 Dual Weapon)
  • Decided to keep <Support> after all

As you can see, I haven't done that much this time (besides play some PVP-games).

As I mentioned some posts ago, I wanted to try out the 0,6 speed Crossbows and bought the Purple one. This time I completed my collection of level 15 Crossbows. I am not too impressed of them tho.

Megatwink gave me a level 10 dual weapon just for fun, and we indeed had some fun! The dps from these (0,4 speed) weapons are insane and gave me some thoughts about buying a Butcher Knife. We'll see what happens to that! The ranged weapons are still much better, this would only be for fun.

The last thing I want to point out, we decided to keep <Support> after all. It felt wrong to be a part of another guild and we are now just five members, but five original members tho. I am rather in a small friendly guild where I know my guild mates than in a bigger one where I don't know anyone.

That was it for today! We'll see when the next Progress Update comes! I guess it will come when STG releases the next update, hopefully including Vanity items from Rocking Retro Gear Contest, which I have planned to buy!

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