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A guide that helps me

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This is the guide for high lvl Dagger Birds. When the new items after Nuri update came to PL they introduced the first actually powerful daggers (Glyph daggers obe and mim and also Reptilian daggers). I've seen many dagger users but I've noticed that actually very few can actually use these daggers well. Especially full dex birds. So I made this guide in order to help you guys out.

Daggers offer the best DPS (Damage Per Second) than any other weapon in PL atm. They're a killer for every single boss. The only bad part of daggers are their low damage compared to as for an example bows. Also when the basic damage is low, skill damages are also lower.
But Dagger+Wing combo is the only solution for full dex birds to remain rushy like I am because of those super monsters at Nuri's.
If your playstyle is moderate and you like to be the supporter guy this is just not for you.
So if your playstyle is to be like a Rambo trying to kill everything on your sight and leading the group this playing style is for you. But I warn, this playing style isn't the easiest.

This guide is divided into diffirent sections as described below.


1. Equipment

2. Battle techniques and fighting mobs
2.1. Fighting single targets
2.2. Fighting bosses

3. In general and conclusions

1. Oh the eternal question: which items to use? Well obviously the best setup is the Glyph dagger set (All Glyph Obe) but it's rather expensive to common players. As underestimated as the Glyph mim stuff is, it really is great. It offers almost the same stats as the obe set. But yet again if u still can't afford all the pieces of Glyph mim set there still are options for you. The most important parts of the any Glyph items compared to other items are the HELM and the ARMOR. Glyph helm and armor offer way better armor than the other options. So if u're short of money just buy the Glyph helm and armor. They aren't that expensive.
For a very low budget the helmet is Melodic obe cap, wep is Reptilian obe dagger and the wing is Tamer's obe bracer. Glyph armor is a MUST.

And actually as Noobian pointed out it's possible to go dual spec with both str and int with dagger birds.
Str equipment offers better defence but damage itself is low (at least imo). Int equipment offers slightly better armor with a bit better skill damage and higher crit chance with a bit less base damage.

I haven't really investigated these options but they seem to work for some people. I won't take dual spec ideas any further since this guide is for full dex birdies. I've put them to show u guys that there are still other options.

EDIT: Now since the Demonic sets are here they're also (obviously) the best set for daggering. I'll post info about Demonic Dagger set when I get some more information about it myself.

2. All of these tactiques and skills are from my own experiences. Even though I represent them here these are still only SUGGESTIONS how to play. But still the tactiques and skills have been largerly tested by me and noticed to be effective. The strategies may vary outside Nuri's but their basis still remains the same.

I've put the battle techniques and mob fighting into same section since the mob fighting is the most common battle situation in pve. The basic pve gaming for full dex dagger birdies is tricky. Basically there are two options for effective dagger bird when fighting mobs: hit and run method and the second wave method. Second wave is more secure since then u don't really have to worry about timing. U let someone lead (tank, pally or juiced up pothead) and after he/she has gained aggro from the mob u come and deal ur c-c-combo damage. Best skills to use as a dex dagger birdie are first wall root and after that the basic combo of shattering scream+blast shot. Wall root first because after it has rooted the enemies the bird combo hits all rooted enemies as well. When using only bird combo it doesn't hit all of the enemies in the range. So it's good to use wall root first but it's not essential.
The hit and run method is the part when this kind of gaming gets tricky. With full Glyph Obe set the armor is 153. It's rather good but in Nuri's those super enemies will rip u apart if you don't excactly know what to do. Hit and run is just as it's name is. You are the group leader and u just run in the centre of the mob u put out wall root (this is VERY important in hit and run since the enemies remain rooted for a while and theyre immobilized) and then the notorious bird combo asap. And then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. It's very important to have healing enchantresses behind you and/or to have large pile of heal pots. The party should also be just behind you since you have now the aggro and u're going to die unless they come and save the day. Hit and run is very tricky to learn since there must be 2 kinds of timing successes. First is ur combo's timing and then is ur team's timing. It's hard to make those things match especially in a public game. The hit and run is more effective than second wave but it is really risky. U need to train second wave first before even trying hit and run in Nuri's.

2.1. Fighting single targets (no bosses just regular enemies) is not as easy as many people think. With a full dex build birds haven't really experienced how to fight with close range daggers. Many people just spam their skills. As for full hp single enemy I recommend the basic bird combo and if needed break armor and blinding shot. Remember to get close to let the enemy feel the wrath of your mighty DPS. About middle hp the break armor is usually the only skill you really need because it seems almost always hit crit when used first (at least for me..) and it's downtime is as low as blast shots' but it isn't demanded for bird combo.
Remember to add in the party factor because these situations really depend on how your group is playing and what classes are in it.

2.2. This is the part where the might and glory of daggers really get to shine. Over 500 dps + knowing how to use skills is a devastating combo.
Skills to fight bosses have remained the same as with bow but you need to be in close distance (if you haven't yet found out it lol) to actually make ur dagger hit and to actually hit your skills. I'll put my skill using setup here in order I use them. Evade, focus, Thorn root/wall root, break armor, shattering scream, blast shot, blinding shot and repulse shot. Debuffing is still really important for birds and to maximize your damage and evasiveness using evasion and especially focus are highly recommendable. That's my starting combo and my main combo is thorn root, break armor, shattering scream and blast shot. I just spam other skills whenever they're available since they're not as important than those 4 skills when fighting a boss.
And what comes to repulse shot, Nuri's bosses are immune to the push effect so you can spam it freely.

3. The number of dagger birds is constantly rising and the dagger has now (again) been accepted into the pro family of full dex equipment. The prices for Glyph mim stuff is still incredibly low considered to their affect in action. The stats and regains are stunningly good with daggers and with a high armor as well, dagger birds are just unstoppable if used correctly.

In the end I'd like to say huge thanks especially to Flyinghovenz for being such a good friend to me and also the whole Eclipse guild for being such an awesome community.

Feel free to post suggestions and any kind of feedback of this guide. Hope it helped and pls be kind to me since this is my first guide and my english isn't flawless because I'm from Finland.

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    I AM NOT COPYING just thought I showed off dudetus' guide. Great job and I'm advertising it
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    Saw a bear in balefort 750dps pure dex with new crafted...