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Back from vacation!

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I'm back from a one week vacation, and been in-game for about just 30 minutes so I haven't tried all new features out yet! But I can confirm one I've mentioned before! Mages are really powerful! (I'm not sure if STG will nerf the Paw tho I'm using tho). And as we all know, PL is currently in a stage of changes, so it doesn't say it always are gouging to stay like this.

Other than mages and new Vanity gears, I've seen alot of level 20 rhinos and they seems to be pretty powerful! I'm thinking about making one myself, but I will have to put some more research in it first! I haven't play PVP higher than level 15 before, so this is a great opportunity to try it out! One thing I'm pretty sure STG will fix with Rhinos is their charge. They changed it from 8m to 12m, which I personally think is a little to much to be balanced, and I think they are going to have it at 10m instead, which gives rhinos a really good balance against other classes.

I will come back when I find out more!

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