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Delphina's Adventure to Washington DC!

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I have decided to write a blog about my plane ride to Washington DC. Some of you might know that I have a 15 month old daughter. For those of you who have kids my daughter is at the age where she doesn't like to sit still so I was really dreading the plane ride.

We left on Friday the 13th (should have been a big clue that something wasn't going to go right). My daughter did great the plane ride and even feel asleep near the end. As we were approaching DC we could see the Washington Monument and then we heard them trying to put the landing gear down (several times). Then the plane started to ascend again.

After about 5 minutes the flight attendant told us that she wasn't sure what was going on, but there appeared to be a lot of planes circling. We found out 5 minutes later that reason everyone was circling was because of our aircraft.

All of a sudden we heard a loud noise! Well it turns out the planes landing gear wouldn't go down so they had to manually lower it. The front wheel locked and wouldn't turn. So the pilot had no steering after landing. So we prepared for a braced landing. The pilot said there would be emergency crews near by when we land (Like that made us feel any better).

It was a very scary experience. My husband had my daughter in his arms and we both braced against the seats. As we were landing the flight attendant was yelling heads down and brace over and over again. You could feel the wheels hit the ground and we finally came to a stop. The emergency crews were there within a second and we were told to remain seated while debris was cleared from the runway. We landed safely and could now relax.

The plane set on the terminal for about 30 minutes while we waited to be towed to the terminal. Keep in mind this was at 9pm at night (way past my daughters bed time). Now here is the funny part.... they didn't want to use the new machines they have to tow us to the terminal so they had to find the old ones.... We flew US Airways and the crew was great.

The return flight was not as eventful.

Outside our window:
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View from my mothers apartment:
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  1. Roberto077's Avatar
    Glad your ok! I went to DC for thhe first time a few months back on the 4th of July. There's too much to do...
  2. Bilaxman's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear you're all alright!
  3. Revealing's Avatar
    glad to hear ur all alright!
  4. iluvataris's Avatar
    Haha that would be scarey to be in that situation. Especially with a your child with you. I work at an airport a little joke we say to passengers "have an uneventful flight"
    Now that i actually think about it i would feel horrible if something did happen haha.
    Glad you guys are ok.
  5. Schnitzel's Avatar
    DC look cool
    Updated 07-19-2014 at 08:48 PM by Schnitzel
  6. Xvanitykingx's Avatar
    If I would of known you were going to D.C, I would of waited for you (I work there)
  7. lorosandi's Avatar
    Glad your ok!
  8. Youtuber's Avatar
    Thank God Your Ok! Hope You Had A Great Trip Also!