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Being on forums more! (ABSENCE)

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Been very busy lately, actually busy now since I am in High School now so this will be a short blog!

Just wanna tell you people that are still here that i will be on forums a bit more and PL a bit more!! I will be on Arcane Legends more than PL though

Why I was gone >.<

Wanted to quit, came back, best friend Flacs left, almost quit, then idk I just like PL again! XD

So I am here! *cough*winterisanoob*cough* .....

Theres my short blog and to friends who left PL and still browse through forums, HI!!!!!!!!

Cya ingame


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  1. Oldcoot's Avatar
    welcome back
  2. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    hey Juger, read this late. Nice to see you back!