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Off to Italy with family. GTL time!

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Hey everyone, I'll be leaving tomorrow (roughly 24 hours) for Italy with the family. A vacation with a side trip for a small pilgrimage with the Pope

We fly out to Rome for a few days, then dad is challenging himself to drive up north around Italy. Gonna be gone for about 13 days (fingers crossed, internet will be fully stable when I come back).

Looking forward to everything BUT the cold weather. I heard its roughly 8-10 degrees during the day, dropping to 0 or below at night =/

Until then, good luck and have fun! Hopefully I still have access to the forums, I will put up another blog post with pictures if I do

Take care everyone!

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  1. adidaman's Avatar
    have fun elly (:
  2. Crunchee's Avatar
    Enjoy your trip!
  3. Fatpigwarrior's Avatar
    Have fun (I forgot that in Italian learnt at class) ciao e pafatuno (didn't spell correct :P) for ur trip
  4. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    i wish it goes well elly!
  5. Lowlyspy's Avatar
    Laters elly! Mama mia! (lol had to put a mario referrence in there )
  6. javier995's Avatar
    Cya Elly have a wonderful time bro!
  7. Grankledude's Avatar
    cya elly! (i would enjoy the weather a
  8. Carth's Avatar
    Enjoy your trip, Elly! Can't wait to see some pictures!
  9. Piosidon's Avatar
    have fun
  10. cherryking's Avatar
    Look up riccit he from italy
  11. Ellyidol's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I'd love to meet up with Riccits, i don't think I can though. Parents prepared a busy schedule for our trip.

    I'll be sure to put up photos as much as I can thanks again!
  12. ninjaduck's Avatar
    Dont get eaten!