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Thoughts on Battle Dragons

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I really don't like starting threads, so I will just blog about Battle Dragons.

This is a work in progress. I will continually update, so feel free to discuss!

Keep in mind I have played Clash of Clans for awhile, so a lot of notes will come from that comparison. I should have started this blog a long time ago since I took notes since iOS launch, but I am a professional procrastinator. As such, some of what I noted before has been addressed and will not be included here.

First, the good:
I love being able to boost FB friends and tribemates. While the boosts aren't super huge, they are enough to make a difference, as well as promote daily logins. The fact that they are on 23-hr timers is a huge bonus. If you get delayed on a set of boosts one day, you can eventually catch up, instead of drifting to having to skip a day. This might be the only (but hopefully not the last) 23-hr timer in STS' games.

-Ice dragons are pretty awesome. Clash does not have a counterpart.

-Donated troops can be deployed one by one, whereas Clash forces you to deploy all at once

-I really like jammin' on Virtues!

The bad:
-PVP match-making/Trophy logic is less than desirable. There is a balance to trophies in Clash of Clans, apparent in how the top players have ~4k trophies, whereas the top players have much, much more in BD. This will become a huge problem when trophy-based rewards are implemented. I am not sure of any solutions, but I would like to see the most active players show up in match-making more often, while the inactives show up less. This will promote the balancing of trophies and less farming of inactive accounts where there is zero chance of Revenge.

-Smasher AI has been discussed to no end. I feel bad for those who defend it and haven't experienced how much better it could be:

In Clash, I usually train 6 wall breakers, and they do enough for me. In BD I am lucky if I have broken through the first layer on some maps after having used 17 Smashers.

-The game can often freeze while in battle or otherwise. More of a pain in the neck when it is in battle, sometimes even for 30+ seconds.

-Offensive log for replays. Optionally, sharing replays would be nice.

-When requesting troops, req message should be saved from previous req, even after logoff.

-Should be able to cancel troop request when request message window is up.

-When attacking, there should be some visual indication of how much sheep is stored in a corral.

-Higher donation achievements. Clash has a 25,000 donation achievement!

-Pearl spend confirmation window (not holding my breath. LOL)

-If you tap and hold a mine/barn it would be nice to just get the info on the building instead of automatically collecting. This is useful for double-checking the level of the building or amount currently there when I don't necessarily want to collect yet.

-Research for various one-time use traps. As DH levels and troop HP levels go up, traps become less useful. Pit dragons would be better if they weren't damage based, but instead pulled down various troop types regardless of HP. The Clash counterpart, spring traps, can effectively launch/kill up to 15 housing spaces worth of troops if they are bunched up. Only air, fast ground, and super heavy troops are immune to spring traps.

-Should be able to exit battle before dropping a troop without trophy penalty after countdown has ended.

-Walk-around logic. Better AI so that troops will more easily notice when a wall has recently been breached, instead of trying to chew through the wall next to them.

-Clash has dark elixir troops. BD could have black sheep counterpart dragons!

-Clan sparring!

-It would be nice if the pearl icon had a different look if a new video is available for watching or a new offer has been introduced. Pick a color for each category and have the pearl cycle through the colors when applicable. Also, remove the pearl icon when not viewing your own map.

-Sometimes the gold/sheep meter will show more than what you actually collected in battle

-When collecting resources, any resources above Max threshold will disappear instead of just remaining in barn/mine

-When exiting app (iOS) troop training completed notification banner will often loop endlessly

-Megablast sheep has less damage than pit dragons?

-Upgrading dojos and temple should not be available for training when cycling through other dojos.

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