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Progress Update #7

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My progress update is back, and finally, some things have happend!

Since the nerf-update launched I have only played on my level 15 Enchantress, called Cazturi. I haven't played on Cazteri at all to be honest. But after the update, enchantress is so much fun, and they're really powered!

First of all, me and Invertibrate (15 Enchantress) made some nice progress some days ago when we together came up with the ULTIMATE - and yes, it is THE ultimate - build for 15 enchantresses. With this build, we both won against level 20 rhino twinks with plat pack gear. It is so much fun! We won't tell the build yet tho.

Second, a bear called Hydrabear helped me with the combo achievements to get the [Master of Magic] title. Thanks a lot Hydrabear! Now, I finnaly got that title.

Due to my last post about I am the guild master of <Support>, Megatwink is now back as master, and the guild is rising again. Some old members have came back, such as Kawakawasaki, and we are 21 members at the moment.

About gear, this is what I've done:
  • Bought the new vanity shield called Dragon's Gemmed Shield
  • Bought Vixen L10 Platinum Pack for some experiments

Now, I'm just waiting for the upcoming Halloween Event (if there is such as a event this year?! Hehe) for the new vanitys! I got about 350 plat left, so i guess I'm goging to buy some of the Vanity Packs.

Orb or not?
The big question on the forums this week has been about the orb after spawning in PVP. My thoughts about it is that I like it, but it need some tweaks. Mainly, you should be able to cast defensive spells in my opinion. And you should not get the orb after a res or entering a portal. If STG could fix that, it whould be a great feature to the game.

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  1. SayCreed's Avatar
    :-D nice blog
  2. Caztori's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rushed
    :-D nice blog
  3. SayCreed's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Caztori;bt4114]Thx! :)[/QUOTE]
    YW :)
  4. Warlukx's Avatar
    Support has a real come back ! But now we are 30 in ! Bous is really banned ?