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Pl is getting a bit slow?

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[QUOTE=Fusionstrike;1302139]A few things.

When people talk about "lag" on PL, they're talking about latency. That is, how long it takes to get information to and from the PL servers. However, the amount of data PL is transferring is not really that large, so measuring your bandwidth isn't a meaningful metric. That is, saying "I measured 20/15 why am I still lagging?" doesn't make sense. It's not about how much data you can transfer at once, it's about how much delay you're experiencing in getting it to you, a.k.a. latency.

This is Apollo's point, that cell-based connections are not that great at providing and maintaining low latency. There are lots of reasons that I won't try to go into, but you're always going to get a lower and more consistent latency over your personal wifi (which is nearby, serves a small number of devices, and backhauls to the internet over a wire) than you will on a cell link.

Also, comparing PL performance to other types of applications like YouTube doesn't make sense. Streaming media like youtube uses buffering to compensate for erratic latency, smoothing over the "ping spikes" that are present in the cell connection. So your video appears to play without any "lag", but that's only because the app playing it buffers up enough of the stream to keep playing smoothly even when the data that it will need to play in 10 or 20 seconds is slow to arrive.

PL, on the other hand, does not have the luxury of being able to buffer up data to smooth things out. You need to see what's happening in real time to keep up with other users, so any little hiccup in your link is going to be very noticeable, e.g. in the form of your PvP opponent "teleporting" around. Anyone who has a lower-latency link operates with a significant advantage. Being close to the data center may help a tiny bit, but this advantage will be dwarfed by the effect of high latency. So someone playing on a high-latency cell link just down the block from the data center is still going to experience worse overall performance than someone across the country but using a low-latency wifi.

I'm not trying to say that the PL servers don't contribute to the problem. Certainly they can (and do) experience slowdowns under high loads. But these slowdowns affect everyone equally (the equivalent of playing a PvP match in slow motion) and so it's still a level playing field for everyone. The only way to know it's the servers themselves though, is if everyone with various different connections all see the same slowdown. It definitely happens, but it's hard to differentiate from a local connection problem that only you see.[/QUOTE]

All I going to pretty much say about this is that if its lagging like this it would be nice to see sts say something about it maybe like (sorry pl community we seem to be getting a bit over a heavy load of players in pl at the moment which is casing some lag OR hello pocket legends member we have been seeing post about pl lagging lately and we are looking into it now thank you for letting us know about this) OR SOMETHING FOR THAT MATTER. But I goes the pl community better get use to that or the new players for that matter since we getting the scraps of sts now. What a joke this would of been a year ago sad.

Thank you for explaining this though.

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  1. Xvanitykingx's Avatar
    i understand completely, this happens to me too. Glad someone explained it!