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The PvP System and competitions reviewed

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Hi all,

The pvp system needs to be modified now that it matters even more for the seasonal competitions, so here I will express my experience on this and my suggestions on how to fix it. Please STS take this seriously since we are having a competition that is not fair, mainly affected by the pvp system. Also players are quitting playing since there is not motivation to gain trophies or play more the game.


Im getting sick of the pvp system for these different reasons:

1. Many friends are dropping trophies to find easy targets at zero trophy level.
2. Many people are tricking the competitions to get benefit of the pvp system and rank.
3. Many people use the pvp system to give guardians to friends with biggest loot, so it is now very hard to find good and nice loots at high rank.
4. Many people get attacked by the same player over and over again, since it is usually the first pvp always.
5. Even more, some high players like Nate, Theo and me are only visible by top 10 rank, so it is always same few players attacking us and it gets super boring, (perhaps that is one reason for Nate to quit).

There is very few reasons now for playing and getting high trophies, since 4 out of 5 competitions are made for low trophy players. And the only competition that is for high ranked players doesnt really change that much from season to season.


1. More random opponents, give all the players the same or similar opportunity to find anyone. Perhaps reward biggest loots to higher ranked players.
2. Give more trophy weight for higher DH and Higher rank in the trophies. So a player will like to fight a strong DH10 because you will gain more trophies, and avoid fighting noobs since they wont give you that much trophies. Similar to this, winning from a player that is top ranked should give you a bigger reward in trophies than the current one and it should also be affected by differences in DH (24 against 15).
3. Place more resources on DH and increase it with each level, so people will think twice on placing their hall out for "free guardian".


Attack competition at Zero level:
At Dh5 one can attack DH3 non stop in less than 2 minutes, making a perfect killing machine for being on top of the competition of attack.
At Dh6 is not too different since you can still find Dh5 and Dh4 under developed.
At Dh7-Dh8 there are many noobs (DH5-Dh6) so you can still kill almost non-stop.

Conclusion the lowest your DH the fastest you can attack.

Defense competition at Zero level:
Since the main purpose is to keep low trophies, people just go and drop one unit in whoever fortress is and then drop a defense point. So it seems more random who is the winner than a real competition.

Gold and Sheep Competition:
Since zero trophy is very likely to be reached by players that have abandon their fortress and there is not collecting on mines. The looting at this level is quite high. So players like DH7-Dh8 can easily make millions in few hours, almost no effort and easy defenses. This is perhaps the main reason why so many players play at this level.

Now at high level trophies (at least top 100 leaderboard):
Attack competition:
It takes a bunch of fortress until you find a decently weak fortress to save units to the next pvp, so non stop pvp is nearly impossible here without using pearls. And there is not enough pearls in the game available to do 5k pvps in a season at high level trophies for DH8-DH10.

Defense competition:
Since the pvp matching is always with though and strong opponents that have many pvps and know how to play, what we get is that almost never someone gets a defense win. So the only thing players at this level can do is to find a friend at their same level and lose on purpose and switching to balance lost and gain trophies. The result is the last 3 seasons only top 100 players have been on the top 10 defense competition and same tribe has win since many players from there are the "developers" of this technique.

Resources competition:
Almost 98% of the players at high level are active players, so they play in a way that use the most of the gold in walls and since they do a lot of pvps, they accumulate sheep, so sheep competition is perhaps the only one the high trophy players can actually have an opportunity to win.
The recent work around that we top high trophies players started was to loot each other several times to increase our amount and win the competition, last competition top4 winners were from top 10 rank of trophies, since other players cant do that so easily without loosing the full loot to another player.

Tribe competition:
In all kind of competition, tribes that win at the end kick their weak members and give space for strong members from other tribes at last minute, after competition is over then they go back to their tribes. So this loses completely the meaning of tribe, loyalty and other aspects.

Suggestions for competition:
1 Allow only players to compete after they have reached certain level of trophies. So everybody has to earn their right to compete by winning certain amount of trophies and keeping it, everybody will play with similar rules and low trophy players wont have a huge advantage over others.
2 Apply the suggestions above for the pvp matching to avoid fixing results in Defense and resources.
3 Tribe competition should be limited to members that are inside a tribe at the moment the season starts or within a day. This is similar to what happens in sports, you never see players switching teams and at the end ending in the winning team during a season, they can only do it after the season is over. If a player leaves the tribe and returns, his score wont count for the current season.
4 You can also help a bit this by giving some sort of penalty of 1 or 2 days to join a new tribe, so this could fix the problem of tribe hoppers that we really dont know who is going to request for good or for visiting.
5 Suggestion Attack competition: should also take into account losing stars, if you drop trophies you lose 3 stars, so if you attack a lot but lose a lot then you wont get positive results.
6 Defense competition: It should count only one defense a day per player like the boosting that you can only boost once a day. You can still lose several times but for the competition should count only 1.
7 Defense competition: A true defense should have certain rules, like using at least 1/3 of an army, lasting more than 1 min, destroying more than 20%. One unit dropped in 1 sec is not really a true defense.
8. Resource competition: First you need to fix the bug of looting, since many players are affected by that, and no one can get big loots from higher DH.
9. Resource competition: Similar to defence, count only once the loot for one player per day, even if it is beeing attack several times per day.
10. Top players trophies should have a bigger reward than seasonal players, since they have work harder than 2 weeks to be where they are, this will also encourage people to gain trophies.
11. Make it fair, think about other things that I havent say here and most important make it fair for all players.

If this competition doesn't really change, you will still see us (top players) pulling defenses and resources on each other to catch up with the speed and easy that is to get attacks, defenses and resources at low trophy level.

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