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Thinking about a Career in Game Development?

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Ahh, Spring. Many different thoughts come up as winter starts to thaw. Around this time of year, I start to get some out of the blue messages from younger generations thinking about their future and the possibility of making a living in the Gaming Industry. Here is one such message:

[QUOTE]Hi Sam,

I don't want to disturb but i really would like to know your opinion about a issue.

I am a boy of 19 years schooling in italy and my dream is becoming a game designer.

I am at the last year of high school and specilizing in IT and i have to choose the university i will attend later. To be sincere i am very confused.

This is my dilemma...
1) First of all i wanted to know the scolastic route you made to become what you are today.
2)I wanted to know what type of university you would advice me to do to become a game designer.

Thank you Sam. [/QUOTE]

First off, get an education.

It's important. It shows any prospective employer that you have the ability to learn. Also that you have the ability to see something through (if you get your diploma).

Many of the people I have met in my time working have had educations, but not in their field. Sure, getting an education in your field is better, but not always necessary. Of course, this is my opinion. I say this because choosing the wrong education won't stop you. Far from it. Just get some higher education, it will pay off! A quick internet search turns up such as:

[QUOTE]The Education Pays report itself finds that median earnings for bachelorís degree holders working full-time in 2011 were $21,000 more than the median earnings of high school graduates, according to the report. The median earnings for those with some college experience, but no college degree, are $5,000 more than for high school graduates.

Read more: [url][/url]
Inside Higher Ed [/QUOTE]

So yeah, get some school under your belt!

There are many more options for formal game development education these days. The global gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

Another great resource for people looking to get into game development is [URL=""]Gamasutra[/URL] and the [URL=""]Game Career Guide[/URL]. Check those sites out. Read and learn.

A while ago, Gary Gattis (Spacetime Games CEO) was contributed to an article about getting into the Gaming Industry. There is also a lot of great information to be found there. Here is the link: [URL=""]What to make Video Games for a living? Here's How[/URL]

As for my story? Well, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I didn't back when I was paying my own way through school. I have 3 different 2 year degrees. I have figured out some of my strengths and play to them now. I got my start in the game industry doing Customer Service for EverQuest back in the day. While I was at Sony Online Entertainment, I just wanted it more than a lot of the other guys there. I asked questions, took on additional responsibility and worked my way up.

At the end of the day, my advice to you is to believe in yourself. You can do anything when you set your mind to it. Really! Everyone fails - just learn from them, get back up and never stop giving it your all!

Warm regards,

Alex "Samhayne" von Minden

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