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PVE Tips for mages

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PVE tips for mages


Elite: Fire 1.2.3, ice 2.3, lightning 1.3, timeshift; passives: int, dex, str, dmg: 5/5
explanation: lightning aoe rarely happens on elite maps, timeshift better full for maximum aoe damage.

Km3: Fire 1.2.3, lightning 1.2.3, timeshift 1.3.4, gale 1.3; passives: int, dex, dmg, crit: 5/5
explanation: lightning aoe very likely here; timeshift time bomb unnecessary, mobs mostly die before your clock can explode.

You can farm km3 with elite build too. The km3 build on elite maps is less effective.

Sorcerer Arcane Shield: on elite build, passive str is strongly recommended, but you can replace lightning with shield if you feel still squishy and your hp is below 3000. But i rather suggest that invite a warrior to your party if you die lot, this pvp class has nothing else to do in pve, than keep you alive and save some pots by pulling aggro.
Your job as a sorcerer to deal aoe damage and you can do this better if you arent dead, rogues job to kill bosses.

Lifegiver: this is the most useless skill in pve, you can buy pots by liquidating items in your inventory or doing some daily quest. Lifegiver just slows down your party.

Using lifegiver AND arcane shield in pve - like km3 - is more than insulting!!!


Staff: Architect Pylon, i prefer Brutality or Potency, maybe Stability
Gun: Darkened Rifle of Brutality or Woodland Slayer Brutality

Tarlok Assault, Versatility
Architect Security

Tarlok Assault, Versatility
Architect Security

RUBY BAND OF BRUTALITY - this is the most price valuable ring(epic rarity)
Ensorcelled Brutality lvl35-36
Archon Rings lvl35-36
Legend Assault lvl35
Winter Star ring of warfare lvl35 (main stat int, 3.1 dmg version)

Lunar is really cheap
Tarlok Brutality (with main stat int)
Ashral Force (main stat int, secondary str, gives bonus damage which only seen when equipped)
Superb Brutality (this is very rare on lvl35-36)


Colton, Orion, maybe Ethyl (if you havent got them, then use something stupid, like Ribbit)

Haze, Abaddon, (speed+dmg you need)

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  1. Desperoto's Avatar
    Nice guide
  2. Abszint's Avatar
    I use your elite build.It is really effective in km3 and in elite battlefields also.You are right about the lifegiver skill.Thanks for your guide,I am waiting for your update.
  3. lavecina's Avatar
    This is best starting point i seen so far, gratz for the pots.

    My ipad2 lags as hell as mage, wating time since i click, till goes makes it slow.
    now i moved to pc and gona start using my mage, i love it for farming.

    Thanks for time you are spending on this, makes it worth it.