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My thoughts on twinks and leaderboards

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[QUOTE=Fauksuras;1495456]This game is supposedly directed at end game stuff/always moving forward/bigger and better things (or at least that's what they say when gear is involved), but it's shameful that the PVP leaderboard is full of twinks.

I seriously invite anybody to go to say the rogue or warrior TDM leaderboard and point out which of those names are seen at regular pvp matches or much less are even capped.
Every twink and dummy farmer will swear how those people earned it but yeah find them in the game (if you can) and check out their KDR compared vs an end game player, the proof of how their leaderboard status was achieved will be right there.

That's not to say it doesn't happen (or at least people try) at end game, but those players usually have a hard time , when they don't end up getting killed that is, whereas in twink level they are basically protected by the fact that nobody aiming for everything the game has to offer will stay at those levels.

When the best of the best are to be determined for something I didn't realize pee wee leagues were to be taken into account.

I'm honestly appalled this behavior is allowed and given a blind eye by our community leaders and the developers of this game.

Now I ask you, can anybody come up with a solution or is the solution simply to make a level 7 and get 20k kills on a dummy mage account the only thing to do?[/QUOTE] If some people do endgame pvp, they won't be able to kills because of other endgamers who have wayyy better gear than others (mythic and arcane). That's why i use a twink for pvp and a endgamer for pve

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