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Level 5 PVP

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Guys, I'm back and this time I've spent some time with my level 5 twinks!

I decided to go for a total restart to make the game fun again. That resulted with me remaking my level 5 enchantress twink, former called Caztori but now is the name Caztu. What I did was looking over the level 5 mechanics once again since it was a long time ago I did this. It al ended with me back even stronger!

The first step lead to me updating my level 5 twink guides, both for enchantress and rhinos. You'll find them here, totally up-to-date:

Collection Thread
The ULTIMATE Level 5 Twink Guides

The ULTIMATE Level 5 Enchantress Twink Guide

The ULTIMATE Level 5 Rhino Twink Guide

I suggest you to check these guides out NOW!

The result of these two weeks in game is a KD of about 170-4 in DM and 140-1 in CTF. How may you ask? For the first, there isn't many level 5 twinks out there to fight, and when I do it will probably never end due to high M/s and relative low damage. Therefore the people I fight are mostly between level 1-12 non-twinks (level 10 semi-twinks or noobs trying to twink actually works well with some kite skills tho). Then there comes to people that even enters PVP at this level their experience aren't always the best when it comes to PL as I have seen during this period. So even if this KDR is almost impossible at level 10+ PVP, there isn't anything strange with it as a level 5 twink.

My last point in this blog post is that YOU should make your own level 5 twink and make the bracket more populated! Many people are talking about low activity in this level range, but if all people stop thinking this and just make a twink this will change. And the best of all - everyone could make their own level 5 twink cheap. For just 30k Gold and alternatively 5-15 Platinum you'll get a high-end level 5 twink.

You'll find me in-game on:
Caztu (Level 5 Enchantress)
Cazfive (Level 5 Rhino)

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So what are you waiting for? Make your twink now!

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