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Hard to blog on mobile.

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Hey everyone! Greetings from Rome!

I got a few messages the past few days asking whether I was back home yet since I've been on the forums. It turns out that getting a prepaid sim with unlimited Internet isn't that expensive here downside is that I didn't bring my laptop, iDevices only which makes it pretty hard to fully blog.

That said, just wanted to give a quick heads up that I'm still traveling. I have some really awesome pictures lined up especially taken for these blogs and the community.

I hope everyone is well! Saw the SL campaign announcement, I hope everyone gets to cap soon. I also saw the PL chrome announcement, see you on the chrome-side soon

Take care! Keep and happy gaming!


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  1. Cascade's Avatar
    Sounds awesome dude! I've always wanted to go to Europe!
  2. Pandar's Avatar
    Very cool! Hope you are enjoying your travels - can't wait to see the pictures
  3. Carth's Avatar
    Like Pandar, I can't wait to see some pictures! I wish I could travel anywhere (friendly) outside of the state of Texas. This place can get boring.

    I hope your having a blast so far! Keep us posted!
  4. Southriver's Avatar
    hey Carth Come to Canada! we're friendly!
  5. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    I'd love to go somewhere like Rome. been to France once and germany