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Gratefulness in PL

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"This life can almost kill you when you're trying to survive, but it's good to be here with you, and it's good to be alive."

The quote above is an excerpt from the song, "Good to be alive" by the band Skillet. My friend Nathan (Not Tessanna for those of you who knew him) showed me Skillet's new album the other day and that song is probably my favorite one on the entire album. I love it because the message it sends is one that says, "Life can be tough, but in the end we make it through with those dear to us by our side." It also seems to reflect the idea that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

It got me thinking. I realize this song was talking about real life, but maybe some of the concepts can be applied to Pocket Legends.

Granted, pocket legends has seen better days. Granted, there are several issues with this game which may never even get resolved. However, are things really that bad? It seems to me that if people were really honest with themselves, they'd realize that what makes this game fun has not gone away. I think that's partly why I have about 3 "I'm quitting" kind of threads that I've made in the past, yet here I am blogging.

The other day I got on Guild Wars 2 and played for a few hours. I have zero friends in that game right now. Mostly because the community sucks. Yesterday I got cussed out because I joined a map and killed a guy who was farming his other account. And we think the PL community is bad? I got off Guild Wars 2 because I wanted to get on PL.

I said this in one of my previous threads, but I feel like I should say it again. Every single good memory of Pocket Legends that I've had in the past has been linked to the friends I've made in that game. My saddest memories in that game have been linked to good friends leaving. (Shout out to Paaahudd and Jcoultet. I miss those dudes like crazy!) None of my good memories or bad memories had anything to do with released content or lack thereof. Now, this is just me. But I'd imagine many others probably would say the same if they thought about things carefully.

What am I trying to say? Well maybe we should rethink our opinions on this community and the game. Now I'm not saying we should be all happy and pretend that nothing is wrong. What I'm saying is more along the lines of a thought process that says, "You know what? There's a lot wrong with this game, but there is far more right with this game, and I certainly enjoy playing it."

I don't know, maybe you guys disagree with me. That's totally cool, everyone is unique and has their own opinions. But all I'm saying is that at the end of the day I've played just about every mmorpg (including a huge amount of PC ones) out there and I always find myself coming back to PL and playing for hours on end with some really (and I mean REALLY) cool people.

I'm not too good at getting my thoughts out, but to put things as simply as I can, I'm asking everyone to pause for a second and evaluate PL. Heck, make a list of the pros and cons. See which side outweighs the other. My personal experience has lead me to be extremely greatful for this game and the awesome developers who gave it to us.

Just some food for thought, I guess. Not sure if anyone's even reading this, it being my second blog and me not posting anything on the forums advertising it. If you are reading this, give it a shot. Tell me there isn't a lot to be grateful for.

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    I think your right
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    Thanks, OldCoot.
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    but I'm not sure