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Random Ambassadors of Alterra party with Flip!

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Planned parties are a blast but sometimes the best ones just seem to happen out of nowhere. Tonight we were hanging out in Pocket Legends when Flip decided to come hang out for a bit. Well, what started as a quick hello turned into an hour long bash with free items, farting, fireworks and a whole lot of fun.

It was Flip's idea. We were hanging out in the AoA guild hall when he asked if we should throw a party. He sent out a system notice for everyone to head to Forest Haven. With an entourage of about 8 Ambassadors en tow, we headed to FH and rocked the pants out of it! Flip gave out some blue antennaes and the Ambassadors had their party hats on for giveaway.


Tent Party was my favorite part of the night. Everyone in Forest Haven mobbed inside of the tent to set off fireworks. I'm actually kind of surprised we didn't burn the whole thing down. Guess they're using firework resistant material but whatevs. We'll take that thing down next time.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Some foul stuff went down in that tent....


Guess I shouldn't have eaten that crocodile carcass before the party! Pandas need to stick to the bamboo.

In all seriousness, the party was a lot of fun. We made a ton of new friends in Forest Haven, and met some players that I had only known before on the forum. Plus, always a good time hanging out with the Ambassadors. One thing I love about Pocket Legends is you never know what is going to happen when you log in. It could be a normal day of grinding or farming, or it could be a spontaneous crazy party with devs and giveaways. Just gotta be around for it I guess!
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  1. Grankledude's Avatar
    lol my tent is Alterra proof... nothing in the whole alterra can rip it down... well maybe flip but.... twas awesome, could only jump in and out for a sum of like 10min but it was a blast
  2. Hankomachos's Avatar
    Hehe I recall kissing pandar in the midst of that party! :p Great party BTW.

  3. Zelthox's Avatar
    I was the bird with the pj's in front. Thats my party attire
  4. Irulelol's Avatar
    lol i missed the antennas... flip y u no acept my freind request? XD
  5. Piosidon's Avatar
    this proves system is a dev
  6. Sassinya's Avatar
    For ever I was the only one in our guild on. The one night I can't I miss out .. gah ..
  7. LuvMmorpg's Avatar
    Yay! I was glad that I came there. All my characters have antennaes now! Thanks Flip!