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<Extermination> Recruitment Page

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The Requirements:
1. Postive kdr
2. Active in certain kind of way
3. Help guidies when they need help
4. Dont rush guilds that you will hunt u
5. L25-35 PvPers only! No higher lvls

Hello! First Let me imtroduce myself. My PvP character is Disnoob. Im a l31 mage and im the master of Extermination. I rush sometimes but only people i dont like. For instant like ibesi i will rush him when ever i see him so just keep an eye open and if u see me and wanna join just add me or Pm me. btw ill take all ur comments or feedback in consideration[/QUOTE]

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  1. Kanewas's Avatar
    Haha I would join but ur rushing me because you dont know me^^