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AL's Timeline

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- Plat Sale has ended

- Double Free Platinum offers weekend has ended
- Improved the Premium access to Tarloks Wrath boss encounter

- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is up
- Plat Sale 40% off

- Updated Frozen Hope Daily Quests

- Frost Fiends now have a chance to drop Winterfest Tokens
- The daily quest 'Into the Lair' now grants players access to the Ice Tempered Goblin turnstile dungeon once per day
- Fixed and improved 2 things

- Rebalanced Rift Bosses for lower levels
- Performed, fixed and added a few minor things

- Fixed and performed problems and issues

- Tarlok’s Wrath Event! (Christmas Event)
Added Frozen Hope with daily quests and Winterfest Tokens
Reward: Frozen Chest – unique Winterfest rewards;
Platinum, Unique Frozen Armaments (Armor or Helm), Spider Pet Egg & additional Winterfest Tokens
- 10 days reward: Achievement – Guardian of Necropolis + Banner
- Defeating a Boss in Arlor, has a chance that one of Tarlok’s Rifts will appear
- Each of the 4 bosses found inside Tarlok’s Rifts drops Winterfest Tokens +chance for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Imbued Gold Frozen Chest
- Ability to purchase limited time crafting recipes with WF tokens to combine the Bronze, Silver, and Gold chests to "upgrade" them to the next type
- Ability to purchase limited items with WF tokens
- Fourth Arcane Pet The Brothers Whim has been added to Crates
- Slag, Ripmaw and Abaddon have been added to Crates
- Improved a minor button layout

- Corrected two bugs

- Double XP weekend has ended
- Double Free Platinum offers weekend has ended
- Daily Chest rewards from Klaas etc. give 10 Story Tokens instead of 1 now


- Double XP weekend is up
- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is up
- Corrected a bug

- Stat and Skill respecs are no longer free

- Stat and Skill respecs are temporarily free

- Enemies that do not drop loot will no longer drop crafting essences
- Fixed a problem

- Minions no longer drop loot at insanely high rates
- Archon rings have returned into elite loot tables.

11/18/13 [CLIENT:]
- Crafting and Item Upgrades added to Arcane Legends
You can now upgrade Items with Gems to gain them better Stats:
Epic (Purple) Items with 1 Gem (Out of 10 new Essences each)
Legendary (Pink) Items with 2 Gems (Out of 10 new Essences each)
Mythic & Arcane Items with 3 Gems (Out of 10 new Essences each)
- Three Types of Gems added
STR = Blood Gems
DEX = Fire Gems
INT = Glacial Gems
- Commas added to identify large numbers easier
- Top Guilds added to leaderboards
- Pets purchased with Story Tokens are now only obtainable as an egg
- Fixed and Adjusted two minor things

- Archon Rings have been temporarily removed from Elite loot tables

- Bard Revamp – Bard Daily Quest have changed
Only 1 quest per day from the Wandering Mistrels
Reward: 10 Story Tokens from each quest
Added ability to spend Story Tokens for Inventory Slots, Character Slots, etc.
- A new Bard Song with Level has been added to the List
- Corrected a bug

- Halloween has ended
- Elusive Four spawn increased – They don’t guarantee to drop loot now
- Elusive Four Monsters no longer drop Crates
- Fixed 2 bugs


- Halloween Mythic Weapons have added particle effects
- Fixed Ewen and Squash the Pumpkin Pets
- Improved Grimm’s ability

- Halloween Event is up
- Added Necropolis with 5 daily quests
- Reward: Jack o’ Lantern Chest – unique Halloween rewards;
Platinum, Unique Armor, Jewelry, Bat Pet Egg (Vlad), Pumpkin Vanity Helm
- 10 days reward: Achievement – Guardian of Necropolis + Banner
- Special Halloween Mythic Weapons versions added to Loot Tables
Mythic Staff – Ghastly Scythe
Mythic Glaive – Shrieking Bonesaw of tactics
Mythic Daggers – Nightmarish Blades of Force
- Pet egg versions of Grimm and Ewen added to the Necropolis Store

- Added Withering Scythe passive attack ability to Grimm
- Improved Grimm

- Grimm the fourth Mythic Pet is available in the Stable
- Vixen Egg no longer drops in Shuyal
- Fixed pumpkin bombs

- Limited Ewen the Pumpkin Pet has been added to the Stable
- Friends and Guild Mates can now join you if you find the rare Krunch and Bael II bosses
- Daily Quest, Silk Stalker, from Dimitrius added to his quest line


- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is over

- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is up
- Added The Minotaur Lord Frostir to The Arena
- Nerfed, fixed and corrected a few things

- Plat Sale has ended
- Removed the new Mythic Weapons from Crates and Puzzleboxes

- Plat Sale 40% off
- Added new Mythic Weapons
Twin Razorbacks of Force
Infused Orbital Staff of Force
Fortified Glaive of Tactics
- Improved minor things and bugs

- Corrected Captain Krom spawn place and time
- Added invulnerability to Horn of Renem once every 10 seconds
- Pet Sale Weekend i over
- Stat and Skill respecs are no longer free
- Fixed and improved a few bugs

- Moved Elite Krunch and Bael II to new locations
- Added new animaion to wolves
- Corrected minor wall bug

- Pet Sale Weekend (20% off on original pets)
- Slag returned again
- Stat and Skill respecs are temporarily free
- Corrected Issues with Inan'hesh and Elite Uldim Fields Bosses
- Refined Ashral and Wraith Heart fights
- Buffed Arcane Hooks
- Improved and fixed Sorcerer Skills en mass!
- Slightly decreased health in PvP
- Slightly increased Damage for warriors in PvP
- Increased drop chance of level 35 loot on Elite Bael and Kruch II
- Added potion count to potion vendor window
- Fixed Architect Armors anf Helmets
- Fixed minor bugs

- Added/Fixed two Achievements
- Lissex in Kelys town has stash access now
- Fixed two issues with Valkin
- Shade armor sets no longer occupy the wrong equipment slots
- Fixed Bael II and Krunch II appearance scale
- Increased damage on Vili's Dazzling Cowl


- Fixed a bug with Architect Daggers
- Sshuyal Elite dungeons added to the leaderboards
- Low level pets no longer insta-slay invulnerable bosses
- Elite Undim Field times have been deleted

- Fixed two Achievements
- Removed the quest pre-requisite on the Permafrost quest – makes it easier to get Gleipnir
- Increased the minimum level for the quest line to 26
- Devourer bow stats have been fixed, Mythic bow is still better
- Patched the magic barrier so Players can't get through it over the guild hall

- Realm of Shadows: Shuyal has been released [36 Cap]
New Pets (Bats, shadow pets etc.)
New Bundles (Shadow Guard and Archon Sets) added to the Store
Elite Gold Puzzleboxes added (comparable to Crates)
Sorcerer Arcane Staff, Ker'shal Scepter the third official Arcane weapon added to the loot tables of Puzzleboxes and Crates
- Possibility to upgrade Mythic Armor and Helms via quests
- Nordr XP bonus has moved to Shuyal zones
- Chests, barrels, etc. in Shuyal have a higher gold and potion output
- Level 32 and above Epic rarity items are on higher power-scale than Epics previously
- Fixed a bug with shadow veil particles effect
- Slightly lowered how much damage characters take in PvP
- Added Archon rings to the tougher minions in Shuyal dungeons

08/28/13 (CLIENT: 1.0.8 (iOS)/ (Android))
- Improvements to Facebook logins
- Supports upcoming iOS 7

- Double XP weekend has ended

- Double XP weekend is up
- Corrected sorcerer gun firing animation

- Fixed a bug with the sorcerer shadow gun

- Added Shuyal gear to The Store

- Shark Week(end) has come to an end

- Shark Week(end)
Ripmaws second return to The Store this weekend
Hammerjaw drops more often this weekend
Captain Bloodhammer has a double drop chance on Elite Gold Chests in the Shuyal Arena and Skull Cove
- Crates of the Grand Watch have been updated with loot of the next Expansion
- Added Devourer Equipment

- Mother added to the Gladiator Arena
- New environment effect added to the Gladiator Arena, Proximity Curse.
- New title (I am AFK) added
- Improvements on Melt Armor
- Samael's passive panic attack proc rate has been reduced
- Improvements on Misty


- Mana potion prices decreased
- Bug fix on Abaddon

- Abaddon the Wraith, the third Mythic Pet is available in the Stable
- Corrected a bug with Samael
- Mana potions available in 25, 50, and 100 stacks like health potions

- Improvements to Glacian and Hammerjaw's happiness bonus
- Bug fix on Samael

- Samael the Wraith, the new, third Arcane pet is available from LGCW's

- Double XP weekend has ended
- Elite Bael spawn rate increased
- Elite Bael became more furious

- Double XP weekend is up
- New bosses with new loot and achievements added to Kraken Isles and Nordr normal maps

- Fixed an issue with Elite Bael

- 36 Cap announced – Realm of Shadows

- Double Free Platinum offers weekend has ended
- Mythic Weapons loot-able for this Weekend has ended
- Increased drop rate from crates Weekend has ended


- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is up
- Mythic Weapons loot-able for this Weekend
- Increased the amount of gold, platinum and chance of Mythic and Arcane items of Locked Grand Crates of the Watch
- Two vanity sets added to the Store:
Gleaming golden Armor of the Watch
Dark Evil Betrayer's Set
- Purchased vanities are now trade-able
- Improved gaining of experience

- Stat and Skill re-specs are no longer free

- Replaced the DM K/D Ratio leaderboard with DM Kills leaderboard
- Slag returned
- Stats on the Avatar Screen fixed

- Deathmatch PvP introduced
New DM map – Trulle's Forest
- New pet Misty added
- Stat and Skill re-specs are temporarily free
- Gale Force improvements
- Sorcerer's Curse improved
- Vortex Crystal in the Gladiator Arena fixed

- Updated the description of the Happy Halloween achievement
- Improved Gladiator Arena Leaderboards

- Shuyal Dimensional Gladiator Arena has been added
- Snaggletooth's Arcane Ability fixed
- Skill Curse improved
- The Leprechaun Bundle added to the Store
Mythic re-roll luck Pendant (15% reroll)
- Double Free Platinum offers weekend has ended

- Fixed two issues with the Gladiator Arena

- Double Free Platinum offers weekend is up
- Double Elixir Power Weekend is over
- Timed Run Leaderboard Challenge has come to an end (Winner: Pintaca)
- First Mythic Ring added

- Double Elixir Power Weekend is up
- Timed Run Leaderboard Challenge is up (Reward: Unique Banner created from Pintaca in the "Design a Banner" Challenge+ability to win a Mythic Ring)
- Ripmaw and Hammerjaw improved at level 30

- Limited time runs is over
- Elite Mines of Nordia are closed

- Arcane Achievement will be granted to the players with an Arcane Pet in their stables only
- Fixed a problem
- Luck Elixirs 50% re-roll chance weekend is over


-Mythic Amulets added
-Luck Elixirs 50% re-roll chance weekend

-Koko's Arcane ability improved

- Double XP Weekend has ended
- 60 Minute ComboElixir Sale has ended
- Grand Crates Double Odds Weekend has ended

Ripmaw no longer available –
-PvP invulnerability improved
Makes immune to stuns, pulls, pushes etc.
Only last 30 seconds + will be removed when leaving spawn area

- Double XP Weekend is up
- 60 Minute Combo Elixir for Sale
- Grand Crates Double Odds Weekend is up
- Ripmaw available only this weekend again
- Mythic Warrior Weapon Vigilant Pavise now has a stun bonus
- Free access to the Mines or Nordia this weekend
- Players who die in PvP are now invulnerable until leaving the spawn room
- Corrected minor issues
- Snow Wolves now have appropriate sound and animations
- Reduced Frostir's stats
- Guild Window now shows location of guild members

- Corrected a bug

- Locked Grand Crates drop rate IMPROVED
Opener receives 1,000 gold
Chance to get up to 100 Plat and 50,000 gold
- New Daily Quests in Nordr
- Rogue Mythic and Sorcerer Mythic Gun improved
- Double power special on the XP Elixir has ended
- Increased period of elixirs to 30 minutes
- Flapjack fixed again
- Friend list now shows the number of requests and ignored people, too.
- New country flag banners

- Guild roster and friend list window now displays the number of members and friends

- Plat Sale has ended
- Mythic Weapons removed from Locked Crates

- Plat Sale 40% off
- New Mythic Weapons drop from Elite Warchests:
Warrior: Sword 'n Shield
Rogue: Mythic Bow
Sorcerer: Mythic Gun
- Flapjack's stun effect fixed
- Two Bugs fixed

- Bug Fixes

- One Free Entry available for players level 30/31
- New Elite Daily Quest
- Healing now only creates half the amount of Hate it used from enemy NPCs
- Entombed Hammer PROC fixed

- Bug Fix with the torch quest in Jurn Woods

- New Elite Mines of Nordia available for a limited time
- New Daily Quest in Nordr from Crystal
- New Daily Quest from Grumble in the Jurn Woods
- All Nordr Mobs now grant more XP than all others
- Slightly lowered Health, Armor and Damage of Nordr Bosses
- Timed runs will now stay ''pure'' even with a re-roll elixir
- Improvements on Elite Nordr Bosses
- Added a CS to the Nordr Stronghold
- Increased the XP and level-up rate for Levels 1-16
- Some Class fixes


- Elite Golden Warchests now drop epics of an appropriate level
- Clyde's Arcane Ability now has a chance to panic enemies again
- Mini-bosses in Elite Dead City will now drop Elite Banded Chests II

- Reduced Grimnr's defense buff in the final phase of the fight
- Elite Kraken Isles now provides appropriate loot
- Fire Bug Elixir will now provide immunity to Frostbite's ice patches
- Grimnr will no longer drop the Noble Helm
- Season 3 Banners Updated
- Bosses and Mini-Bosses in non-elite versions have had heir stats brought back in range
- Maneater and Frost Spider bosses should no longer rotate when they perform
- Fire Bug Elixir no longer ticks down in towne

- The Battle for Nordr has been released [31 Cap]
- New Arcane Weapon: Warriors Maul of Ollerus can be found in Elite Gold War Chests
- Mythic Armor added
- Mythic Helms and Rogues Arcane Hooks can still be found in Elite Gold Pirate Chests
- New Wolf and Eagle Pets
- New Enemies, bosses, quests, achievements
- Double XP Elixir has been added for a limited time
- Elite Brackenbridge and Rooks Nest will no longer level up

- Normal Bosses Frostr, Frostbite and Grimnr have their armor values normalized

- Double XP Weekend has ended

- Double XP Weekend is up
- Fixed a bug in Storm Sword
- Ribbit now properly applies his arcane ability

- New Nordic Gear in now available in The Store
- New Nordic Gear replaces the previous Pirate Gear
- Premium Pirate Vanity Set is available in The Store
- New hairstyles available at the Gypsy Salons
- Minor fixes


- Slag the Fire Elemental has been added [Mythic Pet]
- Ripmaw is no longer available to purchase
- ''The Best Banner'' is no longer available

- Captain Bloodhammer should no longer reset

- ST. Patricks Day is over – Leprechoblin has left
- Improved bonuses of the 60 minute combo Elixir
- Hauntlet timer achievements will now be granted to everyone in the dungeon

- Glacian the Ice Elemental, the second Arcane pet is available from GWC's
- Shadow Veil's masked Presence ability now properly applies
- Fixed an issue

- Dragons Jewel has been added to the World Map
- Players should no longer be able to access PvP maps outside via the ''replay'' button
- Captains Axe Proc rate has been increased slightly
- Stat and Skill respecs are no longer free
- fixed some errors

- ST. Patricks Day is up – Leprechoblin has been spotted
- Killing a Leprechoblin grants you luck to drop a unique armor
- Warrior Skills Update
- Jarl of Backenbridge will not appear until you have cleared enough of his retainers

- Stat and Skill respecs are temporarily free
- Two new normal and Elite maps to explore
- New Kraken Mines Area
- New Elite Loot
- New Bosses
- MANY improvements on Warriors, Sorcerers and Rogues
- MANY Bug fixes

- Decreased health on regular enemies on all Elite Maps
- Increased Damage on some Kraken Isle Elite boss

- Fixed an issue with the new Daily Quest


- Arcane Legends won Best MMO Game
- Added ''The Best Banner''
- New Vanities available in the store: Night Assassin; Blood Archmage; Blood Barbarian; Steel
Heraldic for all classes
- New Daily Quest on the Dragons Jewel
- Mythic helms have a new look
- All Elite Gold Chests no longer drop Green Items
- All Elite Silver Chests now have a higher chance to drop purple and pink gear, but can still drop
green item
- Skull Cove has been shortened
- Ancient Mariner Reef now has a minion kill requirement for the boss to spawn
- Season 2 Banners have received a visual facelift
- New Armor Icons
- CS shows your available Gold
- Bug Fixes

- Gold Cap is 99,999,999 Gold now
- Added Achievement and title for reaching 10 million gold

- Updated ''go to'' locations for Kraken Isles Rogue Questline
- Pets now level at an appropriate rate
- The Dragon's Jewel Ship battle now provides XP

-Kraken Isles have been released [26 Cap]
- New Achievements
- New Monkey and Toucan pets
- A few pets can now be purchased directly with Platinum
- Pirate Chests added
- New Mythic rarity helms added, 1 for each class (Can be rarely found from opening Gold
Elite Pirate Chests of the Watch)
- New Arcane Rogue Weapon : Blackbeard's Nefarious Hooks (can be very rare found in
- New Premium Bundle Gear in The Store
- Elite Level 25 Gear is available in all previous areas

- Double XP has ended
- Valentine's Day items have been removed from The Store and Big Luck will no longer grant Little Luck

-Double XP Weekend
- Rebalanced the PROC chance on Vorpal / Dark Watch Warrior Swords

- New weapons and armor available in Locked Grand Crates of the Watch
- Your Pets will now fight with you in PvP combat
- Immunity fixed
- Daggers with slow proc will no longer proc 100% of the time
- Elixirs from Shazbot and Klaas will always count down

- Added a menu tip
- Enemies in PvP will no longer get healed by combat medic packs
- Fixed Skills

- New Buccaneer Armor Packs and new Molten Weapons are now available in The Store
- Valentine's Day is up
- Big Love vanity banner item added to The Store
- You can receive a Little Love Banner if you wave at someone with Big Love
- Frosty and Steel Commando Weaponry and Armor has been removed from The Store
- Time Shift fixed
- Removed Achievements related to the Lower Hauntlet
- Windmoores maximum amount of players has been lowered to 15
- Players can no longer get the 5 or 10k CTF Flag achievement for getting 5 or 10kk PVP kills
- Players who had incorrectly received that achievement will have them removed


- First Arcane Pet Hammerjaw has been added to Locked Crates loot table
- New Achievement, title and banner for collecting your first Arcane rarity item
- Skills fixes
- Added new buff icon for becoming invulnerable
- Added new debuff icon for having your dodge lowered
- The undead smurfs with Lord Mardrom will now attack anyone in the throne room

- Time Shift fix
- Added directional signage to CTF map

- Players will no longer be able to take their pets into PvP zones by joining a friend
- Reduced PvP Level spread
- PvP Class Stats now available on the Leaderboards

- Introducing Capture the Flag (CTF) in either Windmoore and Kraag
- New PvP Achievements, Titles and Leaderboards
- Player vs Player is in Beta
- Added very first Mythic item: Ripmaw Shark
- New Achievement for acquiring the first Mythic item, reward: a new title and vanity banner

01/16/13 (CLIENT: 1.0.5)
- Goals can now be skipped
- Internal client changes to support upcoming content/expansion (PvP + Kraken Isles)
- Bug fixes

- Plat Sale has ended
- Christmas Event is over
- Holiday Vanities are no longer available for sale
- New vanities for sale

- Plat Sale 40% off
- Locked Grand Watch Crates are now randomly dropping in the world
- Added Watchman's equipment
- Crates contain unique items to be collected
- Brackenbridge Village [ELITE] Archers fix
- Added helper info to the pet stable

- Added a button to full-screen chat
- Improved Stat Points
- Kettle, Loki and Malion Eggs now drop appropriately in the World
- Deary's Stats improved
- Final boss mobs in Watcher's Tomb now spawn properly
- Loadout added to the inventory
- Bug Fixes



- Stat and Skill respecs are no longer free
- Fixed errors

- Warriors mouth no longer moves out of steel commando helm
- Fixed and corrected many timers and bugs with pets
- Fixed ''City Under Siege'' quest

- Dead City released [21 Cap]
- New Vanities, Chests and Bundles in The Store
- New Weapon Types: Sword 'n Shield; Rifle; Bow
- Santa Goblin is coming to towne! (Christmas Event)
- Added new ally in Travelers Outpost (Klaas)
- New passive abilities
- Stat and Skill respecs are temporarily free
- New Rogue AOE (Shadow Storm Shot)
- Pet Armor bonuses have been balanced
- Daily Rewards have been removed
- New Achievements
- All level 16 characters got a new vanity flag
- New Elite Maps (for 20-21)
- New levels have been added to the Crypts in Travelers Outpost and Kraag
- Season 1 is over
- Season 2 has started
- Guild Halls can be reached from Windmoore
- Kraag canons can now ''backfire''

- Klufus the troll is back
- Added option to disable alerts
- Fixed Bugs

12/17/12 (CLIENT 1.0.4)
- Free Gold offers have been added
- Information buttons added to item pack and bundles in The Store
- In Game alerts for many advancements added
- The Game will now tell you if you've looted an item better than what you currently have
- Tap twice to skip cut-scenes
- You can now remove goals from your list
- Bug fixes

- Timer in timed dungeon will now start when a monster is killed


- Cost to revive with revenge reduced from 5 to 3 plat
- Reduced price to bypass Shazbot's reward timer
- Guapo improvements
- Improved Server stability

- iOS users now have access to Arcane Legends

- Stat and Skill respecs are no longer free
- Vanity slots added to stash
- You can no longer have multiple Daily Bard Quests at once
- Added some options
- Slight increases of Weapon Damage across the board
- Many Bug corrections

- Many improvements for sorcerers, warriors and rogues skills after long discussions by the
- Reduced the health and damage of boss monsters in normal dungeons
- Added graphic icon to players elixir buffs
- Stat and Skill respecs are temporarily free
- Some Bug Fixes

11/19/12 (CLIENT 1.0.3)
- Raised armor values in various store bundles
- An Auction has been added to Travelers Outpost
- ''Critical'' message above mobs heads will now show up properly
- Set the age limit for the chat filter to be the same as PL
- Huge amount of corrections

- Adjusted pet passive abilities
- The XP elixir now displays the correct price
- Other Bug fixes

- Potion prices reduced
- Guild Hall and Tavern discounts have been returned
- Mana cost for most Warrior skills has been slightly reduced
- New premium bundles have been added to the store
- Restored item armor values to original amounts
- Chrome Arrow keys can be used to move your character
- Hauntlet Coins and Story Tokens are displayed for vendors that use them
- Many Bug Fixes

- Lowered health and damage for all mobs below level 7
- Reduced the amount of armor granted from items
- Increased targeting radius of charged Skyward Smash
- Continued economy balancing: Potion and gold package prices adjusted
- Increased damage on most Rogue skills
- Decreased recast timer on Aimed Shot; Razor Shield, Noxious Bolt and Shadow Piercer
- Bug Fixes

- Mystery Pack has been added to the Store
- Removed the three hour listing period from the AH
- Increased the periods by one hour (12/24 h) of the AH
- Increased the listing fee of the AH to 5%
- Players now get gold if the pet killed a mob
- Mobs will now aggro against the player – not the pet
- Gold can now be stashed
- Bug Fixes

-Official Release for Android and Chrome everywhere
- You will no longer trigger conversations with ghost quest givers
- Added a new Daily Quest to Kraag
- Players can no longer access areas that they haven't unlocked
- Krobox in Kraag now offers daily quests
- Anabel can now be found in Travelers Outpost
- You can not join a Crypts game once the timer has been started
- Increased variety of item names
- Shazbot now offers a daily gift instead of gold
- Feeding costs are now determined by the pets level
- Minor Bug Fixes

- ''The Watch'' quest series can now be completed
- Replaced some skeletons in the ''Skeleton Medley''
- Replaced and improved the mechanism of the cages in the ''Companion Canticle
- Added bard gear vendors in Travelers Outpost and Kraag
- Stats for purple and pink pets have been slightly increased
- Slight reduction of the damage of Jarl in Brackenridge Valley
- Minor Bug Fixes

- Renamed Armor Elixir from +25% Armor to +15% Armor
- Added two new achievements for completing the Watcher's Tomb and the Kraag Crypts
- New Characters now start with 50 Mana and Health potions
- Daily allies have been rebalanced
- The Boss ''Cyrill of the Watch'' and ''Morgana'' no longer hooks up pools of deadly acid
and spawn much weaker reinforcements in combat
- Disbanding guild now has a confirmation window
- Revenge! Option has been added
- Adjusted some wording that refers to the Spacetime Nexus
- Corrected minor Bugs

- Fixed a crash of goat pet abilities
- Fixed zones not auto locking
- Removed the automatic pet reward for completion of the pet daily quests
- Slight decrease in loot drop rates
- Slightly increased the chance of getting an epic or legendary item from the loot drops
- Increased the chances of getting a special dropped chest
- Fixed issue with players not getting access to Elite dungeons when they reach level 15
- Skill point achievement should now work properly
- 'Just a Kiss' quest should now work properly
- Crypts in Kraag are now known as The Royal Crypts
- Reduced prices of all item chests
- Increased odds of getting a pink item from the Store

- Limited Release in Australia and Canada [16 Cap]
- Bug Fix where the Warrior Founder's Helm was showing up as a chest slot item
- Leaderboard sign in Windmoore fixed
- Increased the item level for the Goblin Mine quest rewards
- Changed discovery location for Bismark


- Gold cost for potions has been reduced
- Timer of timed runs is no longer covered up by level up button
- Corrected the spelling of "Stability" in gear names
- Story quest store - now shows the amount of coins you have
- joystick no longer overlaps the elixir pop-up window
- Adjusted gold and experience rewards in all quests
- Fix: trading health & mana potions were showing the incorrect amount
- Pet names have been added to the inspect page
- Johan no longer spawns in to the tavern except when no player in there needs him to
- Fixed a crash

- Fix 15% damage reduction elixirs which were reducing damage by 115%
- Corrected an issue with Anabel
- Welcome message now show up on login not when changing zones
- Fixed various typos, loot tables, art issues, and descriptions
- Fixed a bug with Karin V letter

- Arcane Legends Closed Beta launched [16 Cap]



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