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Greetings Players of SL,
I would like to introduce you the guild <HyBriD>
Hybrid Guild is the combination of Phoenix, The Community Guild, Extreme Boss Slayer, LoA , Vengeance , Sparkling Pwnies , Rampage , Mythic , FFA. Our Goal is to be the most helpful,cheerful,most active Guild in the history of SL. Every members will be special because its really hard to join Hybrid and there are the one who were strong and have an experienced gaming.

Here are some of the GM's Offers to a members of Hybrid.

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- Tier 3 Guildhall
- Access to guild website and offline guild chat to keep guild informed on latest in game updates or guild events when otherwise to busy to pop in.
- Access to a Guild Bank system.
- Monthly Lottery ( chance of winning 100k or more)
- Guild Events every month and year

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★ All members must abide by Spacetime Studios Terms of Services. If a member breaks any of STS' ToS and is banned for any amount of time, it is up to the GMs and officers to decide whether it is grounds for removal from the guild.
★ Absolutely No Begging of any kind. This will not be tolerated.
★ Spam are allowed but not too much.
★ Absolutely No Selling in Guild Chat or in Guild Hall
★ Absolutely no fighting with other guilds. If another guild tries to pick a fight, do not engage. Inform a GM of what was said, who the person was and what guild they belong to. A GM will handle the rest.
★ Do not ask for Officer Promotion. This will only lower your chances in the future to even be considered if and when promotions happen.
★Dramatic Scenes are not allowed , this is not a film showing.
★ Immaturity would be an instant removal from the guild
★ Dont be a rager , just have fun playing the game.
★ Unactive for atleast 1 month would be a removal from guild.


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★ Members should be atleast Level 40 +
•Twinks are also allowed
★ Active atleast once a month

for those who willing to be a recruiter or Officer heres the following requirements.

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★ Active once a week
★ Can be Trusted and know when and how to recruit, ( when promoted , instantly the gm will tell how and when you will recruit)
★ Highly trained PvE
★ Always there to help

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★ Active once a week
★ Can be fully Trusted and know when and how to recruit or ban, ( when promoted , instantly the gm will tell how and when you will recruit and banning)
★ Highly trained PvE & PvP Player
★ Always there to help
★ Knows all the rules

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  1. Adoniss's Avatar
    My ign is cryfall i would like to join the guild