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No! To keeping non- dying PVP nor Embassy troops

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The mine notification might be a good idea... altho you already get notifications of having been attacked. You can sort of expect your mines needing replacing.

Regarding surviving Embassy troops: I fear you get situations where a Level 1 Embassy could store rank 5 jeeps, making it nearly impossible for anyone inside the same level range to attack the base. This would give an unfair advantage of people in high level alliances, over the more "common" folk.

A better idea might be to have donated forces autimatically downgrade towards the HQ level of the Embassy owner and THEN allowing them to surive for the next battle until they are destroyed. This should be alot more balanced and fun.

For instance: I have a level 6 HQ and rank 5 commandoes. My level 3 HQ friend asks for donations. I donate my rank 5 commandoes, but my friend gets them as rank 2 because at level 3, you cannot have rank 5 yet. BUT the commandoes will stay inside the embassy for every battle, until they are defeated.

More balanced because you won't run into rank 5 forces you can't possible beat with your level 2 toons.

More fun because you can depend more on your Embassy to defend your base, and you'll have to use a more varied army/tactics, because you'll often have to deal with embassy forces.

It would not be a good would be a horrible idea to keep the troops that don't get killed in PVP!!! If you think about it a little more I'm VERY SURE you will come to the same conclusion!! This has been put forward many many times. I thought about the idea too. But after understanding more I too realized this would be horrible.

Again, All, Please realize that I once thought the same thing...I think almost all do!

But... let me jump ahead for you and anyone else that may be thinking the same thing. At least from my point of View..

If you kept all that didn't die...some attacking bases may go through 40 or 60 PVP battles with nearly the same troops... reusing those same non dying troops over and over. Yeah...No! Explanation: Imagine your a new level 7 base (but any level is the same but here assume lvl 7)...with low are presented almost exclusively level 5 bases in PVP! You Dump your upgraded superior troops...All your drones and 8 tanks all at once anywhere...there is no time for any of them to be killed! Together they basically have a one shot kill on any target! Your defenses don't have time to get but a shot or two off..attackers kill and move to next weapon before cruise and mortars even hit where they were 2 seconds ago, so no damage is done! Your troops just go through the base. You then can PVP almost indefinitely winning 100% in 60 seconds or less and hardly ever make another troop?

Having to learn to use the least number and costing troops,.... and use the best strategy during an attack,... and learning to have the patience to use the whole three minutes is a huge part of the game! Those that get good at all three are on the leaderboards...those only good at one or maybe two..usually are not.

More problems...the Developers would pull their hair out!!! You would have to have the health reset to 100% for each troop at the end of the battle...otherwise..the developers would have to remember in the code...the damage to each troop and...when you PVP'ed you would need to see the damage levels of each troop to select which one you wanted to put down...
I humbly submit that this would be a coding, and game speed, nightmare and I suspect it is the number one reason they made it so that if you put it dies...whether it did...or not.

If you were say a level 7 base with tanks and all... I can see it might be kind of neat to mow down every base in PVP in a minute or less and not have to ever make another troop...for a day or two....then....what is the point...your now bored... can upgrade at will...use no strategy...and quit playing the game. I hope this finds you with enough info to explain why this is a horrible horrible idea...even though it is one of the first things I think most think about changing in the beginning!

Ok, now keeping embassy troops...again this is a bad idea that I believe most have in the beginning. My self included. First. Superior troops would defend EVERY embassy! it would even be mandatory for all alliance members to have top troops in embassy or be kicked. Second...the reason for first... your embassy troops would only die if killed by a higher level attacker...but most of the time, you would be successful at defending your base by far!!! Your resources would then build up allowing you to upgrade without you hardly ever "having to" PVP. You would not need to play much. you would quit. Also, again, embassy troops would need to be 100% health again each battle...code issues with keeping track of every damage level of every troop in an embassy of every player in the game. Dev nightmare to say the least....As for dropping the level to the max that the requester can make? This also has big issues. First... you couldn't donate a troop that they can't make. Second ...teams rely a lot on advanced embassy troops to dropping levels or not allowing at all, they could no longer get tanks much less keep or use them. This in turn means WAY harder to upgrade anything, and take much more time between battles to re-make troops you lost in last PVP battle, slowing the game play to a crawl. And Third...It would reduce team aspect and in many cases the reason for joining an alliance in the first place! And fourth...The Devs have thought of these issues...the partial fix?....Space requirements..which are actually being tested to change for some more advanced troops such as the Attack Helicopter....So soon they won't fit in embassies of lower levels anyway. That, along with the fact that only 5 items can be donated a single player can't fill an embassy with grenadiers for instance. It currently would take several teammates to fill the embassy with grenadiers. Multiply that times several teammates requesting and it is VERY prohibitive.

Again, Please realize that I once thought the same thing...I think almost all do, but like all of the is a learning process. So hope this helps to shed some light on the problems that the Developers have solved by killing your troops. Wise they are! LOL at least in part.

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