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PVE Tips for mages 2. (LVL41)

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Elite: Fire, ice 2.3, timeshift, shield 1.3.4, lightning 1.3; passives: int, dex, str, crit: 5/5

explanation: lightning aoe rarely happens on elite maps, timeshift better full for maximum aoe damage. I find the last upgrade on
fireball very usefull vs archers, they do miss a lot after they wake up from knock down. Your fireball grabs a tons of aggro, use this upgrade, it is more useful than it seems.
Since we have a lot of skill point on lvl41, using 5 or more active skills is recommended. Map fire ice clock and shield, swap clock with lightning at bosses. If you do sometimes easy elite farming, or if you use gun and got enough health - so you can unload your skills from a safer distance without the risk of dying - then use 4 attack skill only.
You can change the timeshift time bomb with first upgrade on ice, depends on which one you like.

Km3: Fire, lightning 1.2.3, timeshift 1.3.4, gale 1.3; passives: int, dex, dmg, crit: 5/5

explanation: lightning aoe very likely here; timeshift time bomb unnecessary, mobs mostly die before your clock can explode.
Still remains a few skill points after this build, spend it on ice or shield.. or save a few subskills which you dont like and develop your personal elite+km3 combinated pve build based on these skills.

You can farm km3 with elite build too. The km3 build on elite maps is less effective.

Sorcerer Arcane Shield: however warriors are very usefull now in elite this season, but this statement is still true:
Your job as a sorcerer to deal aoe damage and you can do this better if you arent dead, rogues job to kill bosses.

Damage passive: This is useless if you use a pet with at least 5% damage bonus on happiness, as kalizza discovered.

Lifegiver: this is the most useless skill in pve, you can buy pots by liquidating items in your inventory or doing some daily quest. Lifegiver just slows down your party. Use POTS like everyone else.

Using lifegiver AND arcane shield in km3 is more than insulting!!!


Staff: Planar Rod Brutality, Magmatic Totem of Brutality or Potency, Mythic Staff
Gun: Lvl41 Mythic Elondrian Rifle is the best all around weapon, if you cant afford then use Expedition Rifle of Brutality

Icescale Brutality, Ancient Druid Brutality, Living Spirit Brutality (Assault in tombs)
Imbued helms any

Icescale Brutality, Ancient Druid Brutality, Living Spirit Brutality (Assault in tombs)
Imbued armors any

Silver Hoop of Brutality Lvl41 - this is the most price valuable ring(epic rarity)
Blood Ruby of Shuyal (Mythic)
Elondrian Fitness

Lunar is really cheap
Tarlok Brutality (with main stat int)
Wild amulet of brutality
Eerie Brut

Always choose gears with main stat int, secondary stat str if possible. Strength stat is more important than dexterity.


His 20% armor debuff is extreme huge, contrary to the 20% damage, which does not appear in all cases. Its the pet of pve noobs and pvp spot blockers.

Blinky, Colton, Orion, Shadowlurk, Grim, Dovabear, Slag maybe Ethyl (if you havent got them, then use something stupid, like Ribbit)

Haze, Abaddon, Gyrm, Slag, Blinky, Dovabear (speed+dmg you need)

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Updated 01-14-2015 at 10:35 AM by Haligali

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  1. Kreasadriii's Avatar
    Slag and Ironbite also good in Elite Hali..
  2. Dill1sHere's Avatar
    I've found that Dova and Slag are very good in Km3, but only if you are using gale, especially on the boss rooms.
    My technique is gale the first mage to the back one, fire, then light/ice (slag stun if you need to keep them stunned) and clock to finish them.
    This saves tons of times on boss rooms, and can even save you money/plat (Haze, Abaddon, and Gyrm aren't the cheapest pets)
    Ofc if you have an arcane pet go with it, but dova is a great sub for one in km3
  3. Haligali's Avatar
    okay, added the mentioned 2 pet when i added gyrm it was relative cheap, and abaddon was also available last season(its a really good pet in tombs and leveling) i didnt edited this part, hopefully he returns in tradeable egg form in the future.
  4. Deathlyreaper's Avatar
    Can u make a lvl 46 tip soon??
  5. xxrafaelxxbr's Avatar
    cool nice post