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Goblin event...

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...through the eyes of a casual player.

A few new additions to the event system that were appreciated, first of all was the "Fight the Goblin Threat" tab at the bottom of the world map. Not only did that let me know the event was live (even if I failed to notice that in the patch notes or rotating banner), but it allowed for instant access to the new town.

A few was slightly exaggerated; however, that concludes the list of positives I have created... We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming:

Well here we are again casual Joes, we realize that this event isn't for us so we take what we cannot obtain right off of the top and settle for the crumbs that the non-VIP are allowed. Spacetime boasts exclusive pets *reads entire post*
Okay so one is a leaderboard award *scratches off list* Moving on... Okay, another LB associated reward Goblin Shish-ka-Bob banner *whites out* Everything else is obtainable for the average player such as myself... Right?!

Here is the major issue, why is there so much stuff but with so little accessibility? There are new vanity, new pets, exclusive weapons and gear to be had for event Tokens and according to official posts I should be able to enjoy the new content for free if I choose to do so:

Quote Originally Posted by Samhayne View Post
If you can log in and play daily, you can do 3 boss runs to advance in tiers. The higher tier bosses are harder, but they drop more tokens. You can get to gold tier and enough tokens for several items from the token vendor (depending on what you want to buy). That's all free to play. I hope that helps.
*whew* Disaster averted, if I log daily I can gain "several" event exclusive items.
...but can I?

The event is 7 days or: 168 hours
You gain 1 energy every 8 hours for a total of: 21 energy
Each boss kill can gain: 1-6 tokens, 10-40 points
One of each available token purchase will cost: 365 tokens
To gain up to gold tier you need: 320 points*** *ponders*

Playing at optimum capacity, the minimum boss reward for the entire event can net you: 21 tokens, 210 points** these levels you will never gain the gold tier reward or gain more tokens per kill as promised.

The only saving grace is the daily quest reward of 2 tokens per day, completed each day grants 12 tokens. This brings us to a grand total of 33 tokens for logging in daily, and completing everything the event offered for free. 33 tokens means you can get the new vanity armor and nothing else, in fact you logged in every day with the precision of an Olympic gold medal synchronized swimming team and barely got half of what you needed to get the second cheapest item the event vendor offered you; not several, but one and pennies left over.

Okay, maybe that was a bit unrealistic, let's say you run into Gunn every run, that doubles your rewards to: 42 tokens and 420 points.** Add the 12 from the daily quest and you have 54 tokens; also we have passed the 330 points for Gold, but do we gain at least 11 tokens more to get our hands one exclusive pet we were enticed with, how about 10 more than that so we can get the "several items" we were promised in the form of duplicate Blighted Armors of the Watch?

I understand you get what you pay for and I am not paying for anything, but don't make that because I am cheap or don't believe in a cause but instead ask yourself this: why are those that are paying climbing over each other for things that most of us will never have? A minimal effort from a plat spender can get them 4 exclusive items that most are lucky to have one of.

Just for a bit of perspective into the battle of the haves vs the have-nots, if by some complete mishap of the code, a casual player ran into Payne all 21 times they would net 840 points.** Again, that is playing every time energy is available and only netting 840 points when the LB holder #25 has 3,330 less than 24 hours into the event; that's almost 4 times more in a day than a free to player is able to obtain during the entire event!

[Breaks character]
Finally here is what really grinds my gears: I have put quite a bit of time and effort into my guides, the pet guide I have reserved myself to understanding that there will always be pets that are out of my reach as a casual player. For the first time ever, even if I invest more time than I have, there is still the possibility that I may not complete these event specific wanted quests strictly based on the way the system is set up.
...and that is amazingly annoying! I know there is nothing gained but gold; however, this is about principle. Am I to believe that gamers, who create games for gamers, are okay with placing something as fundamental to an RPG as quests, out of the reach of most not based on skill, but luck?! With all of the anarchy that Arcane Legends is, the one constant was that quests would remain free to all, this is the first taste of STG taking even that way.
[Places mask back on]

Thank you for your time *smiles*

**Disclaimer: These numbers are based on what can be calculated and not assumed based on the luck system
***Corrected value

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