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Through the eyes of a casual player...

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...goblin event.

So in the sport of the event I decided to take the wise words of Samhimself and play this daily to the fullest extent possible in a F2P fashion. From event start around 1300 PST I logged on (which means I began about 2 hours into the event), blew my 3 energy and waited every 8 hours for the opportunity to present itself again. Each of the 3 different classes, each a different level, each completing quests when possible and gaining as many tokens, energy drops, points along the way as I could. With less than 23 hours left in the event and here are my standings:

Warrior: 47 Tokens, 310 Points
Rogue: 46 Tokens, 270 Points
Sorcerer: 43 Tokens, 260 Points

Between all 3 classes number of deaths: 9
Between all 3 classes energy drops: 3
Between all 3 classes Payne encounters: 1

My toons are not fully geared, they use legendary equip and I ran only pick up groups during the entire event. I noted that my warrior was the only class that didn't miss out on boss death at times therefore forfeiting the points from that boss; however, coins appear to always be rewarded despite location on the map during boss death. I also ran into a device shut down and a party failing to beat the boss resulting in everyone leaving including myself.

When running in a pick up group, I usually found I was either running behind the party or waiting a bit before one forms. Not only was this annoying, but if I had accepted Gob Stopper occasionally I was unable to complete it in one run. Did anyone else notice that there are only 60 total enemies in that map?! Given that there are two forks in the road and you are running with strangers, often times completing the Gob required two visits to Littleridge.

*Lost in a moment of nostalgia*
This reminded me of the days of DL where you spent energy only to wait around but didn't care because you were gaining more energy by the second.

*Slapped into reality*
How that translates to AL isn't the same at all because you're not gaining energy by the second but rather by the minute...
waiting for the hour...
eight times... results pending.

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Updated 06-10-2014 at 03:08 AM by Gluttony

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  1. Samhayne's Avatar
    Hey Gluttony, thanks for taking the time to post up your experience with the Goblin Event. We are going through a lot of feedback and making refinements to the coming Ursoth's Assault Event.
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