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Goblins retreat

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So the time has come for a comparison between what I expected to happen and the facts.

Warrior: 67 Tokens, 440 Points
Rogue: 62 Tokens, 370 Points
Sorcerer: 55 Tokens, 350 Points

I did actually achieve gold tier on all three classes, but it was all during the final 24 hours of the event. I ended up running into Payne 4 times, got 6 energy drops, no legendary event drops and one toon didn't complete the wanted questline. Only one of my toons was able to purchase the Ironbite egg the others had to settle for two blighted vanity sets or spend on energy.

Between these three characters, my gameplay experience varied significantly. My warrior was able to solo so after I hit gold tier so I got Fury or Payne to spawn more consistently. However, my rogue and sorcerer were constantly running with pick up groups which meant most runs were functional at best. These random groupings caused multiple deaths, party wipes and often I found I would miss points because of this. It was usually Little Horn so this didn't affect my total tokens significantly, but it was still bothersome.

I made sure to pay attention to energy management; I was able to run the maps daily without ever having my energy level maxed. I also obtained every token possible since not being present for the boss death would still grant tokens; plus completing the Gob Stopper quest awarded 2 tokens daily. Even with all of these tactics to achieve optimal gains without spending, I think we can all agree that if you didn't pay, then your ceiling was quite low in comparison.

Time for questions and suggestions:

What is with the level 2 ring for gold tier?! It cannot be stashed so it can only be worn or turned to liquid for 1k gold. Why not add particles to this ring since it is the only think I was able to identify besides the vanity, that everyone was able to obtain without spending gold/plat.

Why make the poison puddles surround the portal and the letter still hurt even after the boss is dead? ...flashback to Arachna. Can we in the future remove pools of anything deadly upon boss death please?

If I have to wait to play, can I have a legitimate way to actually play the event? Having to wait 8 hours is just too much. Maybe decrease that timer, or have a drop system for energy that doesn't require access to the event map in the first place!

How were players matched up? I recall a few times when I was still bronze players were asking tier and upset when the found out not everyone was on the same level. Later when I was the gold tier participant running into Little Horn I understood the frustration. Please match up players based on tier if the trophy system is going to remain in place.

I know that I could have just bought anything in auction, but the fact that I couldn't earn the best spoils was discouraging just hours into things. The event did inject some new and old players into the game, some stayed and others didn't but they did make a point to visit. There seemed to be some sort of bond that was spurn from competition... assuming that the leaderboard stays as it was. So, perhaps it was a success in many different ways depending on your view point.

Whatever knowledge was gained from this experience my only hope is that my playability isn't limited in any way in the next event. I know that when I am offered a choice to spend either plat, gold or time to achieve something, I am going to choose time. I don't tons of time to devote so when I do have a spare min, I don't want to log in only to realize that I still cannot play.

My concerns lie in the fact that as an avid RPG gamer, I want to be able to collect pets that are associated with the event, this is the second pet that is just out of reach no matter the tactic; if you didn't open locked crates then no Whim, if you don't hit top 3, then you don't get Nightshade. I am not saying they're not obtainable, but I am suggesting take a good hard look at those who were able to get these pets and check their VIP status.

Second, if you are going to make a pet event elusive, why not make it a quest reward like Barney or a beat all of the bosses in the campaign reward like Konga/Grave. If you take the time to come up with the concepts, story and dialog for quests, why not give players a reason to complete them?

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