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What's YOUR Arcane Legend: Alhuntrazeck

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I am Alhuntrazeck, one of the light blue frog-like creatures that inhabits Arlor.

I travel the land of Arlor, stopping in at all the local bars for my daily pint of mead. I am not human; far from it. In fact, my mind is so alien, so different from yours, that if you happened to see me do my math, you'd blow your mind. For I, or rather my species, has invented time travel itself. We zoom through space and time looking for miscreants that plunder the world of Arlor. We create vehicles that make your fastest, most technical NASA ships look like toys. We are the Nott. We never forget. We never forgive. We are said to be the weakest species in Arlor but our strength lies in our intelligence. This is better than the brawn of warriors or the speedy kills of rogues. We command elements. We swirl wind around us. We summon fireballs. We summon lightning and shields. We heal to support the weaker races in our quest to exterminate the evil in Arlor.

This is my story of how I came to be. This is the story of how one little Sorcerer rose to the ranks of fame and was crowned the mightiest in all the realm.

I was born in a cold barn in the middle of the cold, windswept Shadow Plains. We Nott are created from the mind of one single Nott, the penalty being the “parent” dies. My parent was one whose name I shall never know, for he or she was gone from my life forever the moment I entered the cold, miserable world.

The first sentence my undeveloped mind heard was, “Get the hell out of here, you’re in danger!”

Since Nott are born with the full control of all their motor functions, I clambered to my feet and looked at the one who spoke. He was standing in front of me, dressed in full battle armor, fighting down several skeletons.

“This way!” he shouted, deflecting a sword thrust and summoning a huge amount of power condensed into the form of a glowing red hammer, which blasted the enemies into the distant horizon. As more rose from the ground, the hurricane which the hammer summoned blew around him, throwing the skeletons away. Finally there were no more.

He effortlessly lifted me and ran out of the hideous place with me in his arms. We entered a bustling city with huge crowds of humans and Nott welcoming me in. I was given a home, someplace to sleep; I was content.

I was woken the next morning by an old human in a cloak. He spoke to me, explaining that my race had unusual control over the powers of the elements; the powers of wizardry. He himself was Gustav, the only human wizard.

My destiny, he explained, was to purge the land of Arlor of evil. Then, and only then, could I return to the home of all Nott; the place in outer space where the heroes exist.

That was my path; that was my goal.

The rest is history. I rose among the ranks of the great hall of the mightiest warriors in Arlor, the guild Epitome of Silentkill; I passed through troubled times unscathed; and was finally crowned the mightiest Sorcerer in all of Arlor, my ultimate goal.

This is the story of my birth; the story of how I came to be, and how I became what I am today.

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