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The Legend: Lift

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Back in the ancient times, when there were only the ancient heroes of legend: Uller, Himingleva, and Vili, all evil had been defeated by those brave, young heroes. However, they were all becoming too old to rule. Evil was now spreading. What once was a peaceful forest is now inhabited with the evil goblins that roam at every sight. The Forests of Ydra is now being controlled by Bael the Knight, and the power of the Portal of Evil has wiped out the remaining survivors of the forest. So came a new baby to the village; his name was Lift. Although it was not obvious at first, he would soon be the new Hero of Legend.

"Lift," Himingleva whispered. "What a powerful name. He can lift the most powerful monsters and throw them to the ground. He can lift the village's spirits up with his powerful, yet soothing voice. He will be the new Hero of Legend, once we die." Lift would be destined for greatness, as the Kiss of Himingleva would grant him Eternal Happiness.

Lift was now 14 years old. He had been training for 6 years, ever since he was 8. It was time for him to defeat the evil that had spread like a plague. Over the next few days, he had defeated all evil in Brackenridge Forest. Now came the biggest threat of all; the Forests of Ydra. With his powerful Skyward Smash, he had obliterated the monsters that inhabited Ydra. Now came the biggest threat: Bael.

He was four times as large as Lift, however Lift was confident at all times, believing in his might and courage. They had fought and sliced and parried and slashed and hacked, until Lift had finally found his weak spot: the Portal of Evil. He quickly destroyed it, and what went down with the Portal was Bael. He was the new Hero of Legend, and he was proud. He had acquired the Wrath of Bael as his new weapon or choice, as it proved that he had defeated Bael.

Lift was informed of new threats as they popped up. Lift quickly defeated all of them, from the cold mountains to the dimension of Shuyal.

"Lift, you shall now take my throne. I am too old to rule, and you have defeated all evil. Please take my armor and helmet, which are the best in the land." Uller said, and those were his last words.

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