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The Story Of Ajaxfalls

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Once upon a time, there was a little warrior pygmy. He had huge arms, tiny legs, huge torso, and tine head. He lived in the city of Kraag. One day, there were cannons firing, and Ajax's home got bombed down. His father and mother died during the attack. Ajax was raised by Gustav soon after that. After Bael killed Gustav, the [I]Hereldric sign of Arlor[/I] appeared on Ajax's chest. He knew he was the chosen one! He promised Gustav that he would avenge him. Little Ajax was given a nickname; [I]Soap[/I]. Named after [I]' Ajax; dish washer soap '[/I]. He ran dungeons day n' night, he grew, he aged, and most of all, he never forgot...
The time was near, he got his friends and brought them along to the elite dungeon to fight Inan' hesh. After the brutal fight, the hero destroyed Inan, but it was too late; Inan was about to enrage. The brave hero stared in Inan's eyes as Inan was getting ready to kill the 4 knights. Ajax was the lead, and as Inan stared at Ajax's eyes with a deadly stare, he asked Ajax; [I]"You are about to die within seconds, why are you not trembling before me?"[/I] and our brave hero told him;

[I]"Because a spartan never dies"[/I] ...

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  1. Mortalninja's Avatar
    Wow, I liked it too much ^_^
  2. Meemaw's Avatar
    Thanks :)