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The Best PvPer

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I haven't blogged in awhile...but I was having a thought today that I figured I would share to anyone who cares to read it.

One thing I've noticed about every mmo I've ever played is that the pvp community is always full of "best" pvpers. It's almost comical how many people vie for the high and mighty title of, "best x pvper" or even straight up, "best pvper." Pocket Legends is certainly no exception to this. I'd say there is probably over 100 "best" voodoo mages at the moment. If I counted the best voodoo mages of all time...well...I don't think I could count that high.

It got me wondering...what causes this? How can so many people be so arrogant as to think that they are the best pvper? Or even the best of a particular class at a particular level? I mean, I suppose I can understand claiming that you are better than someone else at pvp because you can beat them consistently in a match to 10. Of course, even then, there's no guarantee you are better. Your build may simply fair well against theirs. Theirs may fair better in general against everyone else who you struggle against. Anyways, I could even understand someone making some claim to fame based on winning a tournament or something. But once again, I still don't think that's fair. Maybe in a complicated PC mmo, you could prove yourself a bit more, but in PL? Seriously?

Let's face it, this game doesn't take too much brain power to function well enough in pvp. (Especially in our current balance state. Ahem...bears) Sure, there's a learning curve but it seems to me that there is a point where you're about as good as you can get. So why are so many people thinking that they know something no one else does? Or that they have somehow managed to surpass the skill of those who have played since launch?

Every now and then I've had some players message me something like, "You're bes birdy!" I'm sure they are just trying to be nice, and I always appreciate the compliment, but part of me cringes when they say that. Do they honestly think that it's true? Because there are some dang good birds out there who can easily give me a run for my money. Not to mention people like Paaahudd and Flacs who literally taught me how to pvp well as a bird.

I can remember when I first started pvping back in December of 2010. I pretty much got my butt handed to me for months as I began to learn all of the different techniques for killing your opponents. Later in 2011 during sewer cap I can remember I had one mission on my mind. I thought to myself, "Ok. I will never be able to own these guys because they are too good. But I can at least get good enough so that I can win every other fight." So that was my mentality and that was my goal. I knew I could never be the "bes" so I aimed to be good enough to stand a 50-50 chance of winning. I hate to point to myself as the example but why can't people think like that?

Even people who I highly respect, I can often find getting caught up in this "who is better than who" business. Why can't we all just pvp each other with respect and constantly strive to improve our skill? Why do we have to try and measure ourselves against others until we can finally call ourself, "the best"?

At the end of the day, we are all a bunch of nerds button mashing in a casual, mobile mmo. We can only get so good. So let's put this "bes" crap behind us.

A wise pvper once said, "We is all nubs." He was was right.

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  1. Kanewas's Avatar
    Lol at the end He was was right
  2. XghostzX's Avatar
    i feel ya Micah - interesting post to read, especially coming from you (you're the best! :P)
  3. SPBoomer's Avatar