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Prahasit Prahi

My Arcane Story

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My name is Prahi.

First off this is my first MMO and I'm such a noob that I don't that we have pots to increase health and mana even though I'm level 16 then I gotta know them....later on started to know how to play and made some good friends.

While the journey continued I used to work hard for the gold by farming the elites,locks and so on...later known the method of mearching and made enough gold to buy my mythic set with the help of some friends....later on learned PVP it was so good but I need to learn and for my first 100 kills I died 1000 times but later on took some help of friends and learned how to PVP and made a good look time passed on I bought my first arcane pet and a couple of friends (Erik and Limsy) also helped me,I renamed the pet on their name lol.

Coming to present situation,even though busy in real life I'm making time to play AL through weekends and feels good to be a part of this fabulous community.
Special thanks to some important people Samhayne,Remiem,Arp...and the people who left STS Delphina,H2N ...thanks a lot to everyone one of you for making such a wonderful look even more wonderful by your hard work.

Special love to everyone who is a part of this community.

A story of a Non Platinum user enjoying the game from 17 months.

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