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Fiveth Day! ~ Watcher Tombs Became My Second Home

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You may know that when you kill alot of goblins, skeletons and all kind of Arloria's enemies, you also get alot of essences (There are all kind of them! Blood, Fire, Life!) when you get enough of them you can craft an incredible gems!
That is what I have been doing whole day - Getting essences.
When I was too exhausted to shout all spells, I went to the entrace of Watchers' Tombs. Soon after I closed door to Tombs Fourth Level someone grabed my arm and I was pulled to the Tombs again.
"Okay, but just for one Tomb" I have said and started the fight.
In party also was two warrior class peoples and another sorcerer. Seems that warriors knew each other for long time, because they was moving synchronical to each other.
After killing all enemies in hall one warrior left somewhere. He came back with hundred of angry Shamans and their servants.
Thats when god blessed my spirit, I got my energy back and ran into that mass group of enemies, only thing I was thinking of was "How fun it is to fight multiple enemies at the same time". After this group we fought another, and another, and so forth..
We have even hitten my record time of six minutes!

Thanks for reading my Fiveth Day Blog entry! Hope you have liked it! (This was not really fictional, but I think its just because nothing really fun happened )
As always leave reply to improve my blog quality! Thank you!

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  1. Elner's Avatar
    Hmm, i love these entries
  2. Syberg's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your comment! Always feeling nice when I read that peoples like what I write! But hopefully I will improve my writing skills and english grammar in time and will be able to write even better blog entries!