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Sixth Day! ~ New Friend

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This day was special! No, dont worry I havent reached cap But I have got my hands on second mythical amulet I have! (First one was Leprechaun's Pendant)
Hopefully you will like the story!

On early morning I have been visiting Elondrians' camp (They were in ned of help to slain Ursoth, since he became too wild and tryed to get out of Elondria to Arloria).I was in need to kill him 2 times in a row to teach the lesson.. (Seems that he is immortal?)
Before I went to the battlefield I have wrote letter for Ilip* that I would like to kill some monsters with him and later, maybe drink some elixirs in the tavern?
He have wrote answer pretty fast, you could have thought that he takes feather and paper everywhere with him!
"Hello, Syberg!
Nice to see your letter!
How about if we will go down to the Watchers' Tombs Fourth Level?
Thats for inviting to your party!
Thats how the letter shortened form was looking like.
I was pretty happy that he agreed, it was geting boring to save Arlorians alone..
And I was even more happy when I saw that he invited two of his friends! Thats how we started endless runs of tombs. After clearing up about four hundreds Tomb's cells Ilimp with my high frustatement said that he is tired and invited me to the tavern I accepted this invitations just after he murmured "I will pay for your drinks...".
Its turned out that he had a room two floors up from the tavern, so we were drinking at his room where was alot less loudly than down, at the main room.
After few mugs of Elondrians' beer other friends of Ilimp have left. It would not be lie if I would say that I have enjoyed being in clean, nice room and having conversation with one of the best sorcerers around the Arlor. Well, he was not the best compared to those "killing machines", but he was pretty clever to build up effective strategy for Watchers' Tombs (We was using that strategy to clear all those hundreds of cells). And he was pretty nice to chat with too!
Soon there turned out to be night and I began to think of the way how to leave.
"Wait 'ere!" He shouted and went to other room's side to take something.
He turned back and threw Amulet Of Doom in my face.
"Ya do 'ot have good amulet, did 'ot ye?"
I shaked my head and suprized looked into amulet.
"Ya ca' have it, if ya wan'. An' now go 'ut here, I 'ant to sleep."
That was really surprizingly, since amulet was mythic type and I also got pretext to go home and have nice sleep.

*Ilimp is nickname of one true Arlorian out here. He do not wanted to be revealed in my story, so I kept his true identy in secret.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully everyone liked it! And Thanks for great day Ilimp!
Please leave reply if you have liked/disliked my blog! I will try to improve it by time, thanks!

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  1. Elner's Avatar
    Did you really get Amulet of Doom? I've played this game for a long time and I'm 40 but still not rich enough to buy or lucky enough to get a mythic amulet that is not lep
  2. Syberg's Avatar
    Yes I have got it! It is precious gift (Well, he lend it for me, but it will be long tike until I have to give it back) from one friend of mine :-)