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Holidays at Kraken!

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I decided to take few days off (Do not blame me, I have been clearing those dungeons without rest for week!). <br />
Since I was pretty new at my guild, I thought there will be problems with master, but my fortune was bright and master was careless about new peoples in guild (Well I can not blame her, Elondrians are ready to close portal to our world, so all guild masters and officers need to show their respect and give farewell gifts to other world's peoples to show great will from Arlorians).<br />
Well you could say that I got bored exacly after I asked for this vacation. I was working since first day I came to the world of Arlorians' and I never thought about what I will do in my free time.
It was noon and sun was bright as angel's face, sadly that face was not giving any good emotions, I think it was even opposite! All plants was ready to burn if that angelic sun would give any more hot, peoples worked ten times slower than at normal day (Maybe it was more tiring, because of hot weather? Or they were just using oportunity for being lazy?) and for me it was hard even to walk with all armor and potions, runes. <br />
I decided to visit my &quot;Second-Home&quot; - Great tavern of Kraag. I think tavern's owner casted some weird spell to make air temperature alot more capable with Land Of Arloria's Creatures..<br />
I sat near bar and ordered cold Elondrians' beer (It was kind of more expensive one, but since we will lose all contacts with Elondrians for long time, I wanted to taste drink which cost will be Sky-Rocked in few days).<br />
I looked around and saw that tavern was not that full as always (Oh yea! It was not weekend, my bad). Another thing I have noticed was that more than half peoples in tavern was pirates. That impressed me. Why does pirates visiting loudy city when there are this bad weather?<br />
Since one of pirates was near me, I turned to him and asked why he is in tavern when he should be sailing across the Sea. He was not from my region and talked with pretty weird accent, so it was pretty hard to understand what he was saying, but it sounded something like that:<br />
&quot;O'r shi' 'as be'n broke'. Wer 're 'aitin' fo' rep'ir. An' 'y Yer 're herr I ask?&quot;<br />
I answered that the day is hot, so I decided to drink a mug or two to cool down.<br />
As he later said, Pirate was born at ship and he never knew his parents. Since Pirates not really using alot of words, he was not able to learn language until 12th year of his life, when they captured old man who was teacher at his young days. Normaly pirates are traitors, assasins and other &quot;bad&quot; peoples, but they are not that cruel as you have heard about them. Pirates respect clever peoples and learn from them (Well most of &quot;teachers&quot; end up in sharks' mounthes, because Pirates think that if person can explain how something is working , then he is clever, but if you are bad at it - you are dumb and they do not need you here in the ship (For example if you say that its impossible to reach stars with hands, because its ghosts of peoples who got killed by you, they will believe its truth, but if you say that you have no idea what is the point of letting you to live?). Because of that most of pirates can not even talk correctly!<br />
After chating with Pirate for few hours, he offered free ticket to Kraken Isles. Pirates' ship was ready after two days and they were planing to buy some cheap food suplies at Isles (At Kraken Isles food is the cheapest compared to other places in the Arloria, but to get into that islands.. Well it costed alot (only &quot;Great&quot; ship with alot of guardians could swim around those places where Pirates are mostly traveling and those tickets for travels with &quot;Great&quot; ships are really expensive!))<br />
<br />
After those two days I was standing on the Kraken Isles sand and enjoying myself like I never was!<br />
Have you ever tasted Boiled Crab? Or Coconut's Milk? Come to Kraken Isles and get it for amazing cost! Okay enough with advertisement!<br />
My adventures at this amazing place have not finished with eating dozens of exotic meals! <br />
I have also tried to swim at open-sea with only staff in my hand (Which was not really good idea. I was as near to the death as possible!<br />
But thats whole different story!*), fought against people-like Crabs (They were ready to kill local peoples and that would have meant that I would have lost oportunity to visit this heaven again!**) and got screwed by Pirates! (They have left Kraken Isles without me! And that meant I needed to pay for ticket to home..)<br />
Sadly after three days my master sent me letter that I need go back to work..<br />
Good thing is that master have chosen Seagull to send letter, if she would have used owl (as she always does) bird would not have survived that long, sea route. <br />
(Our guild is using birds to contact each other. That is really useful when it comes that guild member is somewhere far away! <br />
Its mostly because of price (You would not believe how much you need to pay for sending little piece of paper..), but birds are also more believable if you cast easy spell on bird, it will not get lost. And sure - Security: Some birds have ability to secure letters (You just need to awake that ability with easy first section spell).)<br />
<br />
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