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The future of legend games

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The way things seems right now, it looks like future sts games are gonna be like pocket legends. Everyone is gonna quit. The thing is with AL, it is such a pay to win game it's ridiculous. Locks locks locks plat plat plat. New leaderboard events are making sts rich. Crazy prices are happening now! Who knows how things are gonna end up.

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  1. Remiem's Avatar
    Hi obee. I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the way the Legends games are going. If it helps, our developers are hard at work on some brand new content and I am always bringing feedback back to the devs so we can address concerns just like yours. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have on how we can make Arcane Legends a better game for people like you. PM me any time.
  2. WizNode's Avatar
    Maybe if the Devs add the action to Eat and Drink, And if you don't "Eat and Drink" then you get weak and tired. (Even though this involves more money but it would be more realistic) Maybe have a bigger social area where players can make buisnesses (Resturant, Blacksmith ect.)
  3. WizNode's Avatar
    P.s. Adding more chars would be great. Having more chars would mean more time playing.
    Having Arcane ARMOR! Would be great and NEW Arcane ring, necklace ect. Plus making money is hard, That is realistic and good/hard Ik STS needs money to carry on making it better but u guys need a way to let players make gold a little bit easier (Not so easy! U don't want everyone walking around in Mythics) just something like a New lock type that's worth 10k ect. And maybe a option of putting ur sword on ur back and run ect... Oh and maybe adding a system to make a lvl 1 Warrior weak and even look weak (As in no big arms ect) just make him a weak soldier and as u lvl up u get less weak and start gaining STR. These are my quick on the spot ideas, I hope u use a couple of them and make the game more fun.
  4. Jxer3's Avatar
    Pls Fix. I just bought a 5 Auction Slots with my 70 story tokens and didn't work. (why?) Thank you and sorry for the inconvinience.
  5. Slayershad's Avatar
    It would be great if you can look in guild who's been when last seen online then it much easier to sort out the inactive.

    Signed By Slayershad