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Ancient Caverns- Redemption or Aggravation?

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Source: Ancient Caves- Pinks/Elites with Stats and Pictures

Tues., August 5, 2014

A satirical analysis and critique of STG's latest move for PL:

About a week or so from today, the whole Pocket Legends community (or rather, just the devoted endgame community) received news of a so-called Blast from the Past from one of Spacetime "Games'" newer moderators, Remiem. Immediately, a regularly ghost-town Pocket Legends forums transformed into a vibrant hive of chaotic delight. The oldest section of the forums-website shook off some dusty cobwebs and burst into life once again.

But why all the frenzy? It seems that according to the Announcements section of the forums, the last "significant" update (AKA simply a level cap boost as many of our forum members now perceive it as such) occurred nearly two years ago. Two years, regardless of whatever truly changed during this passage of time, is still two years. So, it was only fitting that the community wholeheartedly reveled at the promise of an update that would break a two-year tradition of double-damage/XP weekends. But more importantly, the new update, undoubtedly considered the "holy respite" for which we (as a generalization of the whole forum community) had been desperately anticipating, was hailed as a godly revolution that would completely correct all of our endgame PvP "racial" imbalances, squelch the somewhat solidifying gap between the top 1% and the lower 99% of our community, and satisfy all of our salacious "gear" desires with an overhaul of armor for INT and DEX sets, while still single-handedly outperforming the previous level caps. If you seriously had to reread that sentence a few times to fully comprehend its structure, then you understand my unfortunate attempt at metaphorical satire. Yes, our community expected much from this new update. We expected it to be the "solver" of all our problems and grievances, like immigrants in the nineteenth century expected so of the American Dream as they gazed upon the Statue of Liberty while entering the deceitfully brilliant waters of the ocean surrounding Ellis Island. We embraced the "Ancient Caverns" without hesitation and gave it our full hopes and dreams, not so literally as how such aforementioned immigrants cherished Emma Lazarus' promise of true freedom in America, but still with way too much fervor and enthusiasm than we would with our right-minded selves. In short, with this quixotic sense of glorification, we held impractically high expectations, ideals and demands that would have realistically taken multiple updates to comfortably attain for a single level cap raise.

While it is true that the Spacetime "Games" staff is now the full-fledged operator of the Arcane Legends franchise, one must understand that "Ancient Caverns", while undoubtedly falling short of our strict-minded expectations, did deliver exactly what it had promised us - new content, gear, and a chance to level out the "superiority" that comes with time, or in layman's terms, a chance for the common player to obtain a 2 piece Elite Ring. And one must then realize that Spacetime "Games", lo and behold, did, incontrovertibly, stay true to its word. However, generalizations aside, subtleties remain and nuances emerge when we delve further into what this new cap truly means for us. Through categorizing the latest inventory of pinks and crafting mechanics that were dropped in this update, I fell upon some initial difficulties in understanding even the basic loot mechanics. It turns out that with the newest cap adjustment to level 77, previous gear scaling as called for by the normal 5-level cap raises has also been altered. With the "new" Blackstone gear (I shall interject here to state that the "new" really is a simplified version for "recolored L25 Onyx gear") pinks take on a default level of 77, and now scale to 75 and 73. Much to the eventual surprise of our community, this scaling adjustment in part explains why the level 75 pink Blackstone gear quickly deflated to under a million in CS listings within a few days post-release. Even more fascinatingly (but unsurprisingly), it appears that the developers have thrown an inevitable curve-ball at much of our non-plat devouring endgame players - the new level 77 craft-able pinks and the rest of the crafting materials do not drop at all to players under level 77. Now, a non-Pocket Legends player currently reading this blog entry would understandably sigh and roll his or her eyes in frustration to the above statement. But in reality, reaching level 77 is an exhaustive effort that requires 300,000 EXP, hence the forenamed plat-devouring. And that is why the economic situation has not been fixed, but rather exacerbated with this latest update.

So what exactly does all of this mean for us? Dissatisfaction and satisfaction are two central sides to the forever-ongoing argument that now renders much of General Discussion's threads locked or moderated for flame-bait posts. Certainly there are mixed, ambivalent views characterizing this update from all sides of our community ranging from descriptions such as "the ultimate undoing of the mistakes" to "a basic reprieve that foreshadows further dilapidation" to a "complete mess-up." But these are trifling thoughts, primitive arguments that require only an affirmative nod of contentment or a dismissive shake of the head. Alas, once we are done with our berating and our lionizing, we can bring our sights to an even more important question. Only then, can we wonder what the "Ancient Caverns" truly signifies for the future of Pocket Legends...that is, if there is one.

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