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Mission Crabs! - Holidays at Kraken aditional story!

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"Have you ever heard about those Crabs at The Isles of Kraken? No, I do not mean those crabs whom have awesome taste of meat, I am talking about those Evolved ones!
They are Chaos and Evil creatures.
They are famous for they cruelty and impresive, ugly philosophy "Every being who have not evolved" (They are originaly from true crabs, but within a centuries they have become something new, something who gives you a fear when you look at it) "Is not worth of standing on the same planet where are other - Evolved beings." They also say that "It is necessary to kill other creatures if Arlor ever want to evolve." This sentence is every Arlorians' guardian's motto these days, but it originaly came from Evil creatures. Is not it is ironical?
Some creatures of the dark really believed in all of those philosophies (I wrote just few, most interesting ones! They thought of alot ugly things in they old life!) and now those Chaotic Crabs have got alot of support from greedy humans and frightening beasts.
Their kind was strong enemies for Arlorians' guardians, but in past, while great wars were still on-going most of the Crabs have been killed and until these days they tried to hide and heal their wounds. But now, now they have shown themselves. It was not that great, stunning, hundreds of mighty creatures army as it used to be. There was only four Crabs, all of them was acting like Pirates, they even dared to call themselves Captains! Captain Bluecrab, Captain Bloodhammer, Captain Fangtooth and Captain Hately - It is sounding pretty nice, what do you think?!
But no, they was nothing near termin 'nice', they was even more evil than they use to be in the past!
All of them have shown up with cruel armies of Pirates (I think that ones whom I have met at the Great Tavern were at this absurd too...). But Only Bloodhammer had a ship and fought on the water, other Crabs were enjoying themselves on land."

I have got all this information at the worst pub in Kraken Isles, some warriors were planing to slain Crabs by themselves (They was not experienced and planned their fight at the place where important business are not good theme for conversations). I was not going to work on my holidays... At first.
When I have drank a bit more sweet water (I decided to not drink anything stronger in a place which was that far from my home) slaining some abnormal creatures and getting fame for myself and surely guild sounded pretty good idea!

I have decided to take down Bluecrab first. I believe he was one of the weakest seafood around here, only his servant Sully Skullcracker have made a bit of mess (He got his title not for beuty eyes, believe me).
After defeating Bluecrab I thought other Crabs will be on the same level as him and let my guard down.. Thats why one of four creatures have escaped! Bloodhammer was like a vampire and his combat skills standed on whole different level than Bluecrab. He even knew some tricks about escaping, I would say that he was one of the toughest enemies I have fought in my life.
After his escape from the ship I got really mad and furiously slained Fangtooth without even second pause. Well there was no time to make breaks, since Fangtooth had army of few hundred pirates and shark-like beasts that is why I reached Hately at midnight..
When I first arived I thought I am dreaming! My enemies were nothing like I fought before, they were ghosts! Pirates' had mighty souls and as you may know ghosts are flesh of soul.. Until I got to the Hately I already was wounded, but this Captain nearly killed me with his magic spells and ghosts' help. I still remember Hately with fear (I never really liked ghosts, they can dodge too many spells and they are nesrly immortal unless you are sorcerer).
After the Ghost I was going to spy Bloodhammer, but that was not even needed, he and his army of foolish Pirates have attacked first. When felt warm blood on my cheek I got my good mood back. Bloodhammer's servants was not ghosts, so why should I be scared of them?
In second's day end I have fought Bloodhammer and I have won! It was expected ending of "Mission Crab", but it toke alot more time than I thought it will!
When I got back to village I have really regreted that foolish adventure! After all work I have done I got zero fame and peoples went angry on me, you know now, since I slained alot of Pirates price of tickets to the Kraken Isles will decrease (Now you do not need guardians' ship to come here!) and that gives alot of damage to business...
Not to mention I lost last seconds of my vacation, they even banned me from comming to the Isles for ten years!

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  1. Slayershad's Avatar
    Awesome story
  2. Syberg's Avatar
    Thank you!