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Back to the roots

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Ok guys, I finnaly after many attempts coming back got a reawakening, this time on the same twink as when I started this blog; Cazteri, level 15 Bear. It took me a day or two and I was back in the flow again.

This is going to be a quick update of what I've done these days on and hopefully I feel like I have enough content to write a new post soon again.

I've made three "major" things since I came back. These are:
  • Bought a Pink L15 Winter Fest Tinsel Talon for the modest price 4,600,000 gold (4,6m)
  • Reached 1000+ kills in CTF with a KD of about 1000 to 100. That gives a KDR of 10.
  • Joined my old friends in <Support> again

Ever since I played on my 15 Bear about two years ago I've been looking for the pink Winter Fest Tinsel Talon. I've been an owner of the L15 Purple Festive Tinsel Talon for a while, but finnaly I found a seller. The price doesn't matter too much. I got too much money and really nothing to spend it on since my twinks are fully geared. With that it thought, 4,6m was a reasonable price. At least to me.

1000 kills in CTF doesn't seems much compared to some of the other pro twinks (just look at Kawakawasaki), but I havn't played CTF much. I prefer a classic arena game in Forest Fight. In this case, the KDR of 10 says more.

One more thing, should I make a ULTIMATE Level 15 Bear Guide? Just like I did to level 5 Enchantress and Rhino (found here).

Next time you hear from me, I will probably make a post about my thoughts on the Winter Fest Tinsel Talon versus Jewel Thief's Platinum Talon.

See you in-game! This time in the level 15 bracket again!

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