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Armor Analysis and it's impact on Damage Reduction

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You guys always impress us with your diligence and analytic information! Its great when you do things like this because it can be another perspective on a calculation or the way something works that is incorrect or should be looked at. When it comes to armor, it is not as clear cut a thing to externally test due to the number of variables involved however.

Here's a high level view of % Damage Reduction per point of armor per level.
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To be clear, there ARE modifiers tied to level difference, but they are applied as part of the damage value calculated between MIN and MAX values for an enemy ability. The value of armor is never anything but outside of the passive modifiers pointed out in the earlier thread. If you are level 41 and wear level 4 armor, you will receive the damage reduction % coefficient associated with being a level 41 player. In that sense your level 4 character will receive much more benefit from that level 4 armor because you receive a higher amount of damage reduction per point of armor at that level.

an Example of enemy damage may look something like this:
MIN: ((baseDamage*0.65)*(((level-target_level)*0.035)+1))
MAX: ((baseDamage*1.0)*(((level-target_level)*0.035)+1))

Note that this is an example, and not an actual calculation used by any AI in the game, though the idea is the same.
(The Players version is obviously more involved for dishing out damage, utilizing INT, DEX, STR and other factors combined together as part of level difference etc.)

Depending on the mob you are fighting, they may also have a "heavy" attack that does not have a significant visual distinction, and is thrown in randomly every 3-6 basic attacks or so, that would be responsible for some of those quirky values in your chart. Unexpected spikes or reductions in damage dealt from the AI, not the fluctuation of the players armor value and damage reduction.

As for Singe, yes 4% damage reduction is fairly large. Its one of those things that when you're in the know is quite a huge benefit, but without all the knowledge may look like a trivial stat. If your overall damage reduction is 50%, that 4% accounts for about 8% of your total armor. Nothing to scoff at!

I'm not sure if it answers questions specifically, however I hope it sheds some light on the dark object in the corner your trying to see.


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