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The Legends Trilogy: The Future

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*Read the prequel "The Legends Trilogy: The Medieval Ages" right now if you haven't!*

I was an elemental wizard in the land of Arlor. I lived in the Great City of Kraag. I was the general of an army. Ardune was the commander of the army. We ventured to Nordr and fought off the enemies until we fell off a cliff. The army plunged to their deaths. Ardune and I survived.

Suddenly, a person appeared out of thin air. He said that he is Stephan. He asked us to hold the device. Suddenly Arlor disappeared before our eyes. Stephan explained that we're being time travelled to 2152. It's the day of the start of the voyage of Voyager Class USS Primus. We were on a shuttle heading to the spaceship.

He sent me to the academy to learn about technology, how to use and hack gadgets and consoles. Then he sent Ardune to the academy to train his accuracy. After a few years, he tested us at the holodeck and we both passed.

Then we time travelled 36 years later. Stephan said that we were now in UCS Blackstar, the first colonial ship. The admiral of the spaceship made Ardune admiral and made me captain of the ship. We met Zekron, Daria, Dakroi and Yorgros. They were extraterrestrials. Zekron and Yorgros were Niverans and Daria and Dakroi were Varens.

At that time we encountered four Kaitian battlecruisers. The Kaitian threatened to destroy us.
Aldorin: Daria, fire photon missiles!
Daria: Yes, captain!
*photon missiles destroyed the front battlecruiser*
Aldorin: Daria, fire photon lasers!
*photon lasers destroyed all battlecruisers*

Then I asked Yorgros to warp to planet Earth. We were then ambushed by a Haron fleet. The admiral of the fleet, Korne, threatened to destroy us.
Daria: Let's discuss about this, ok?

Korne spoke in an alien language that we didn't understand. Luckily the computer translated it.
Computer: "No, I won't!"
Aldorin: Destroy the whole fleet!
Daria: Yes, captain!
*Haron imperial fleet was destroyed*

Then I asked Yorgros to warp to Eden. I was joking. But Yorgros warped the ship. That was when I found out that Eden is real.
Aldorin: Stephan, Beam Tirana, Yoena, Dorn and Gorlon to the planet!
Gorlon: Wow, Eden is real!
Dorn: That's unbelievable!
That's when they met Ariel.
Ariel: I'm Ariel, welcome to Eden! Looks like you're the first people to come to this planet. It has been mentioned, but never discovered, until now!
Aldorin (on communication device): I believed that Eden exists, and it does!
*shockwaves from a nearby supernova destroyed the spaceship's hull*
Aldorin (on communication device): We'll beam you out of here!
*all four of them were beamed to the spaceship*
Computer: The antimatter tank is destroyed, as a result we're time travelling to 3200.
Aldorin: Oh no!
We were time travelled to 3200. Then we were rescued by Colonial Class UCS Agamemnon.

We met Sunoco, who is the admiral of UCS Agamemnon. He told us that the UCS Blackstar is being repaired and it will take six months for repairs.

After six months, we got onboard UCS Blackstar and he sent us to 2190. After we time travelled to 2190, we were in the USS Tritus while Ardune was sent to 2200. Ardune was then in the UCS Quark.

I was then made the admiral of USS Tritus while Ardune was made the admiral of UCS Quark.

*To be continued in "The Legends Trilogy: New Beginning"*

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