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The Legends Trilogy: New Beginning

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*Read the prequel "The Legends Trilogy: The Future" right now if you haven't!*

I spotted a Haron fleet next to the wormhole they came from. I have an idea. I can shut the wormhole! I told Daria about this idea.
Daria: Seems like a good idea to me.
Aldorin: Open fire and destroy the fleet. Then shut the wormhole.
*After ten minutes*
Daria: The wormhole is shut. Now they won't be able to come back forever.

Then I spotted a big Kaitian fleet.
Aldorin: What the...
Then I asked Daria to fire photon lasers as soon as possible to destroy them. But instead the Kaitians thought of negotiating so I asked Daria to stop.
Kaitian: I'm Yunot, and I'm the admiral of KSS Yorgt. I'm asking for eternal peace, do you agree for peace?
Aldorin: Yes, I do.
Yunot: That's a wise choice. We will not attack each other.
Aldorin: I apologize that your origin planet Kaill got destroyed by a supernova. We will find a suitable planet for the Kaitians to live in.
Yunot: When you found the planet, inform me.
We searched for a new planet for a week until we found one. Then I informed Yunot about the new planet.
Yunot: It's a gigantic one! And it's uninhabited! Meaning the Kaitians can live there!
Then Yunot bought 100 gigantic population spaceships.
*a month later*
Yunot returned with all the population of Kaill. He sent the Kaitians to live there.

I continue to be the admiral of USS Tritus.

We continue to live in peace and explore the gigantic universe.

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