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--> THE L.15 Complete Mage Guide.

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Various people have asked me to do a Level 15 Enchantress Guide so seeing as though I'm not going to be doing 15-20 alot anymore I thought I'd share my "secrets" lol.

BEWARE THIS IS ONE HELL OF A GUIDE ITS VERY LONG --> but on the + side its EVERYTHING I know about 15 Mages (that i can think of atm) .

There are various different builds you can use but different ones have different requirements (obviously) so I'll tell you the dis/advantages of them all.

IMO there are 2 builds.

1. The common but VERY effective
6 light 5 heal 1 drain 1 fire 1 frost

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Very good all-rounded build has the potential to beat NEARLY everything.

The only disadvantage is you can be beaten by other mages with 'Founders Helm'.
Founders Helm gives +5 DPS & +5 Armour so it is a MAJOR advantage at this level.

2. Founders Build
6 light 4 heal 1 frostbite 1 frostwall
1 fire 1 drain

Once mastered is literally unbeatable

VERY hard to master & only PROPERLY works with founders helm. *P.S Onebeastmage uses it but it is still possible to beat him using the correct gear.

For both builds you should always use 22 INT & 57 DEX.

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22 INT enables good mana regen which is essential in the majority of mage vs tank fights.
This combined with the DEX enables good nuke power.

List of Gear...


Woodland CapName:  image.jpg
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15 Plat (L.15 Fox Special Edition Set) bought in store

H'ween DEX/INT Helm Name:  image.jpg
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Farmed in H'ween event, mainly bought from CS


ToymanName:  image.jpg
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Farmed in 2010 Xmas Event, mainly bought from CS
PawName:  image.jpg
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Farmed in H'ween Event, mainly bought from CS

Dreamer's WandName:  image.jpg
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35 plat (L.10 INT plat pack) bought in store


Evidence Bracer Name:  image.jpg
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Farmed in H'ween Events, but mainly bought from CS

Cuddle-MeName:  image.jpg
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Farmed in Xmas Events, but mainly bought from CS


ArtisanName:  image.jpg
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Very rare recipe can be farmed (then crafted), but mainly bought from CS

ExpertName:  image.jpg
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Very rare recipe can be farmed (then crafted), but mainly bought from CS

AlchemistName:  image.jpg
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Very rare recipe can be farmed (then crafted), but mainly bought from CS


Champion's Fine Platinum BandName:  image.jpg
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10 plat in store

Magician's Fine Golden BandName:  image.jpg
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10 plat in store

1. ~ DMG ~ H'ween DEX helm, Toyman/Paw, Evidence Bracer L.15, Expert L.15, 2 Crit/8 DPS ring.
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2. ~ Midfight Regen.
Okay this might seem quite complicating or pointless but it really helps because if you wear the same vanities then your opponent often doesn't notice the midfight change.
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Ok so heres what you do:
Wear '15 plat' L.15 fox Helm.
Wear a 'Placement' Weapon & Shield.
Wear Alchemist L.5 Armour.
Wear 1 m/s 1 h/s 8 DPS ring.

Now, save this into 1 of the slots and then DELETE the PLACEMENT items. Make sure that none of that specific item is in your inventory so then when you go to outload it you will wear the last weapon/shield you wore.

Now that this is done, when ur 1/4 mana u can switch to 'midfight regen' & the opponent won't notice (if you're quick enough).
Also a bonus is you can use 2. 'Midfight Regen' for any gear setup, so if you wore forg you would still change to the most effective regen set.

3. ~ Armor ~ H'ween INT helm, Artisan L.15, Paw/Toyman L.15, (Preferably Pink)Bracer L.15, 2% Hit 6 Armour Ring
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Although it seems minor, you will need to buy FESTIVE HAT from the cs or if u have the red version wear that, as it gives 1.5 Armour and PL doesn't work in 0.5s so it rounds it up to +2 armour for the supposedly +1 vanity Helm.

4. ~ Full Regen ~ '15 Plat' L.15 fox Helm, '35 Plat' L.10 Dreamer's wand, Alchemist L.5, Xmas Cuddle-me/ornament, 1 m/s 1 h/s 6 armour ring.
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Basics.. The High Damage combo is Frost + Fire (make sure they're frozen before using fire).
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Also, if you're clever to deal a lot of damage at 1 given time, use the skill delays, for example, light/drain delay.Name:  image.jpg
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VS BEAR - Frost them after they stomp and make sure you stay out of slashing distance. I normally use: light, fire, heal (if stomped), frost (after stomp). And then repeat but whilst they are frozen you can heal up to full hp again, then repeat.
KEY POINTS: Know your ranges or you'll get your face slashed off by bears. + Dont underestimate "Raged" Auto damage, more often than not its 70-100 per auto + stomp, So make sure you give urself time away from their auto range, because it accumilates.Name:  image.jpg
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VS MAGE - this is the slightly trickier part... Some mages comboes are different so you have to work around this --> if they did frost light fire drain heal. You could counter it by doing light heal frost fire drain. But it would have to be timed well.
Mages IMO are very much about improvisation. You have to know a mage's weakness/strengths and use it against others.
This is why it is very hard for me to put into words how to vs a mage. The BEST way is definitely to try things out for yourself and the more u try the better you will get.
THE OVERALL: Your aim is to either: 1. Save mana till they're fully debuffed by light, then swap to DMG and then try to kill. OR. 2. Save mana till they swap to their mana set, but you need to anticipate this & try to full combo whilst they switch, which will put them on the backfoot if it doesnt kill them.

VS BIRD - Not very hard, if their 'break' hurts alot heal it & nvm about the roots, if their break doesn't hurt then fire, heal roots, frost and kite the combo, as they probably have high blast.

VS HIPPO - Not too complicated, heal their dashes as it prevents them from comboing, make sure you're constantly kiting and frosting them after they heal. It is very much a mana fight vs rhinos. So when they switch to mana regen, you use 'forg' + 'midfight regen' set to nuke them whilst not running out of mana.

VS FOX - I haven't vsed a challenging fox since the dmg nerf so don't worry, just make sure you hit them with light and time your heals right.

And if you're successful with this, then you will most likely get a lot of kills ty mega
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Hope it wasn't too long of a guide, It's literally everything I know about mages so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

If you want to challenge yourself try to look for mages like: Onebeastmage, Zetris, Haxnuke, Eminem or Me (I'm the most active atm)
Or bears like: Fight (aka hungrybastard, aka Divinerusher), Megatwink, Bous, Bossology, Fighter, Terror (aka fetishzs or fetishsz idk)

P.S sorry if I missed anyone out.
Don't forget to press the THANKS (thumbs up) button if it was helpful ��
Special Thanks go to: Megs, Bree, Kaw & Cana.

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